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Here Are All Interactives and Easter Eggs in Valorant’s Fracture Map

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Valorant's Fracture map has interactive objects that players can discover during the Buy phase.
Players will be able to discover new interactives throughout future patches to find out more about the game's lore.
Currently, there are three interactives that players can discover once Fracture is available on 8th Sept 2021.

Valorant’s Fracture map is the first of its kind, with lore ‘Interactives’ located throughout the map. These Interactives are objects that you can locate throughout the map and find titbits of the game’s lore. With the release of Valorant Episode 3 Act 2 on 8th September, players will be able to uncover more about the “mirrorverse.” Riot Games revealed that Fracture will play an important role in expanding the game’s lore and there will be updates to the map every new patch which will add more story teasers and interactives to the game. Here are all the interactives that will be available at launch on Valorant’s Fracture map throughout Valorant Episode 3 Act 2.

How to access all Interactives in Valorant’s Fracture map

The only way to access the interactives in Valorant’s Fracture map is finding them during the Buy phase. To ensure players don’t go out of their way during a match to find lore bits throughout the match, Riot Games has restricted how you can interact with these lore collectibles. Here are three interactives that are available so far:

Interactive One and Two: Reactor Near Defender Spawn

There are two interactives in the defenders spawn on either side of the reactor. These are emails that involve Ruben Pontes, K-SEC, and Oran McEneff.

  • The first interactive email is from K-SEC to Oan McEneff, as he welcomes him to the ‘Everett-Linde’ facility.

  • The second interactive is an email from Oran McEneff to Ruben Pontes, they discuss the concerns with the Radianite Collider.

Interactive Three: A Gate / Attack Spawn

There is a glowing black orb near the opposite side of the attack spawn (A Gate).

  • Players will be able to find a security clearance card that belongs to Kindom employee Paul Delmann, which is the third interactive available right now.

Future patches will add more Interactives to the map and players will find out more about the game’s universe.

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