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Riot Games Officially Launches Valorant in China

Abhimannu Das
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Riot Games is set to officially launch Valorant in China according to reports, once NPPA approval is received.
The publisher is reportedly going to host a celebration/launch event during the ongoing Tencent League of Legends Pro League.
There is no release date available yet for the region but a beta test is reportedly going to be available in the near future.

Esports journalist, Tyler Erzberger (The Esports Writer) revealed that the official announcement of Valorant in China could happen today after advertisements of the game were spotted in the country. Soon after Erzberger reported the possible announcement, Riot Games officially announced Valorant’s launch in China. According to Erzberger, the official launch of the game still has to wait as the license from the National Press and Publication Administration (NPPA) is pending. Riot Games has successfully launched Valorant in nearly all regions. China was the only major market that the publisher did not establish itself in.

Riot Games may be hosting an official launch celebration during the LPL

Riot Games is reportedly hosting an official celebration or showcase for Valorant at the ongoing Tencent League of Legends Pro League (LPL). The publisher has an established audience through League of Legends in the country. China has also hosted League of Legends’ Worlds events with great success and it will be interesting to see how the country receives Valorant if it gets NPPA approval. Chinese Esports caster, Alan Gai revealed that there may be some closed testing in China which might go live sometime in the near future following an official announcement at the LPL.

Tencent will operate Valorant in China and it remains to be seen how the game shapes up in the country as an esport. China may be added as a region for the Valorant Champions Tour next year, which could turn up the heat in the competition even more.

Valorant has been highly successful worldwide and Riot Games is already establishing the game as a solid esports title. In just over a year of its release, the game is hosting its Valorant Champions world championship event later this year.

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