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Valorant Crossover Event Pass: New Pass Launched to Commemorate Pearl’s Debut

Abhimannu Das
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The new Crossover event pass in Valorant offers player cards, titles and Radianite levels.
The event pass will be available for players to complete until 13th July 2:00 PM Pacific Time.
The player cards are designed like comic book covers highlighting some of the most popular agents in the game.

Riot Games just launched a new crossover event pass in Valorant to commemorate the launch of the new map ‘Pearl.’ Riot Games wants to provide a way for players to remember the journey of the game’s agents into the mirrorverse as part of the new Valorant Episode 5 story “Shattered.” The new pass is now available in the in-game story and it goes away on 13th July at 2:00 PM Pacific Time. Here is everything you need to know about the new event pass.

What rewards are available in the new Valorant Crossover Event Pass?

The new event pass is completely free and it has seven levels of rewards that players can unlock by completing challenges. The cosmetics included in the new pass are:

  • 2 Titles (“Dimensional” and “Double Agent”)

  • 3 Player Cards (Omen, Killjoy & Raze, and VALORANT Legion)

  • 2 Radianite Levels

The player cards are designed like comic book covers and they feature fan-favorite agents. Video Director Mike Berry revealed in the official press release that the primary goal was to create a few key visuals to support the story, which was very much inspired by the Pearl map itself. Players don’t know too much about the Omega side of this conflict, but it would be easy to assume they’re the “bad guys” based on what we’ve seen so far.

He said, “When we realized these covers could also be featured in the social campaign, as Battlepass content, and even on Pearl itself—we knew there was a bigger opportunity and reached out to industry folks with a good amount of diversity both in their backgrounds as well as aesthetics.”

Berry also revealed that with “Shattered” the team is laying the last couple bricks into the foundation of the IP that started with “Duelists” back in 2020. He said, “we could explore from this point forward. It’s really the theory-crafting and community passion that keeps it moving. I’m looking forward to building this thing together.”

Players will continue to uncover more secrets about the mirrorverse as we progress through the story of Episode 5. The lore has made us question if we are the bad guys as the mirror agents seem to be heroes to the people of their world whereas we are stuck in a conflict with the humans of our world.

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