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Riot Games Is Refreshing the Valorant Reaver Skin Bundle With New Skins

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The Reaver Spectre is finally getting its Vandal counterpart to spice up the Vandal vs Spectre debate in the community.
The new Reaver 2.0 bundle will come with four weapon skins and a melee skin along with other cosmetics.
The entire bundle is set to cost around 7,100 Valorant Points which is approximately $68 USD.

The Reaver skins are among the most popular and sought-after cosmetics in Valorant. Riot Games is now adding more skins to the bundle as part of the Reaver 2.0 collection. The new cosmetics include the Reaver Phantom, Reaver Spectre, Reaver Odin, Reaver Ghost, and a Karambit. Images of the skins have been circulating on social media and Riot Games is expected to release the skins on 9th August with the next major content update.

The Reaver 2.0 skin bundle is expected to arrive on 9th August

A major patch is arriving on 9th August which brings with it brings nerfs to Chamber as well as a few other balance changes. A Run it Back bundle is currently in the store and it is set to expire on the same day, which makes it likely that we will see the Reaver 2.0 bundle next week.

The skins are expected to be a part of the premium tier with the entire bundle set to cost around 7,100 Valorant Points which is approximately $68 USD.

Individually the weapon skins are to be priced at 1,775 Valorant Points while the melee skin will be priced at 3,550 Valorant points. There will also be upgrade options for visual effects (VFX), sound effects (SFX), animations, and finishers.

Level 2

  • New muzzle flash, gunfire VFX and SFX

Level 3

  • New model VFX

  • Additional lighting

  • New equip VFX and sound effects (SFX)

  • New reload animation and SFX

  • Magazines taken out or inserted using telekinesis

  • New inspect SFX

Level 4

  • New Kill Banner and Kill SFX

  • Final kill of the round plays a finisher animation

Other cosmetics are also likely to be included in the bundle including player cards, a gun buddy and a spray. These cosmetics will also be available for purchase separately. The Reaver Vandal is one of the most popular skins in the game and the addition of the Reaver Phantom in the new bundle makes the 2.0 bundle very appealing for fans.

Cosmetics in Valorant are by no means necessary to enjoy the game and you should spend your money wisely. The weapons are purely cosmetic and you should purchase them only if you really like them and want to support the developers.

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