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Riot Games Considers Reworking Prestige Ocean Song Seraphine After Release

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Riot Games has made an exception to reopen a feedback thread for a skin that is getting released soon.
Prestige Ocean Song Seraphine is releasing in LoL Patch 12.11 and the patch cycle is now locked in the PBE.
However, with the players asking for changes to be reverted, Riot has opened a new thread and these changes may be reflected in LoL Patch 12.12, if the company decides to make them after evaluation.

After revealing the Ocean Song skins, the new Pool Party skin line in League of Legends, Riot Games opened up a feedback and bug report thread for each of these Ocean Song skins on the League of Legends Public Beta Environment (PBE) subreddit, for players to voice their opinions after testing them out. However, the community was not content with the Prestige Ocean Song Seraphine changes and wanted them to be reverted after the testing window was closed.

Since it received an overwhelming amount of feedback on the Prestige Ocean Song Seraphine, Riot Games has made an exception and is calling for constructive feedback on a separate Reddit thread from the players once again. After evaluation, Riot will decide whether or not the skin needs changes and if it goes through, these changes will be reflected in LoL Patch 12.12 and not 12.11, it further clarified.

On the League PBE subreddit, Riot DW Platypus wrote, “I want to address the recent situation with Prestige OS [Ocean Song] Seraphine as many of you seem to be dissatisfied with changes made to her hairs.”

They explained that most of the comments on the thread initially requested for Prestige Ocean Song Seraphine’s hair to be made orange and darker and also longer. He added, “However, after making those changes the thread doubled in size, with the opposite feedback. We were not even able to act before the branch was closed for the 12.11 release.

Prestige Ocean Song Seraphine

What feedback is Riot keen on getting?

Riot Games made it clear that it has decided to open a new thread for just this specific case and that it wants to listen to opinions on Prestige Ocean Song Seraphine’s hair.

The company wants the players to answer two major questions:

  • Should the hair be longer or reverted back to short hair?

  • Should her hair color be reverted or the current one maintained? Do players want it to be changed into a different color? (staying in a similar color region that is)

Riot DW Platypus wrote, “If you want to have the hair color altered to a new one, please be very precise about it. These can be very different for what everyone can see on their screens. Please use color reference materials (or if you are proficient with appropriate software - even paintovers) if possible. This will increase the accuracy of what we are talking about here :)

When does the feedback window close?

Riot Games stated that the thread will be considered closed on 7th June at 5 pm PDT or 8th June at 1 am CEST. Following this, it will evaluate the feedback and make the final calls. The developer clarified, “At this stage, I am unsure if any changes to the icon / emote are possible. I'm also quite sure that at this stage splash art will not be changed to represent shorter hairs (if that's what you want for the model).

The only changes that will be done, if at all, will be those changes to Prestige Ocean Song Seraphine’s hair and nothing else. The majority of the community had pointed out that the long hair that Prestige Ocean Song Seraphine has looks like tentacles and that it does not go well with the theme of the skin line.

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