VCT Team Bundles for 2024


Riot Games Announces VCT Team Bundles for 2024

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In a recent blogpost, Valorant esports Global Head Leo Faria talked about the current competitive year and some plans that Riot Games for the next year.
One of the highlights of this blog was the announcement of VCT team bundles for 2024.
Here's all we know about the VCT Team Bundles.

In a end of the year letter to the community, Valorant esports Global Head Leo Faria recapped and celebrated all the results that the community achieved this year. Faria noted that 2023 has been Valorant esports' most successful year yet starting with the LOCK//IN event till Valorant Game Changers 2023 Championship.

He said, "We learned a lot this year, made some mistakes, and are thankful for your ongoing feedback."

Talking about what's next in line for Valorant esports, Faria detailed some changes to Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) with updates to the competitive calendar, introduction of the fourth VCT international league — China — and also Premier and Challenger events.

Additionally, Leo Faria also revealed that come February, each and every team across the four VCT international leagues will have VCT team bundles boasting weapon skins and more.

Here's all we know about the VCT Team Bundles for 2024.

What Are VCT Team Bundles?

Through this blog post, Riot Games unveiled that team-branded weapon skins and other accessories, most likely gun buddies, player cards and sprays, are arriving soon in Valorant in 2024. The publisher recognizes that fans are ready to support their teams and acknowledges the need for purchasing new, trendy skins.

Till now, teams have not had their own set of skins in Valorant. However, they have been given a share of the revenue created through the sales of Valorant Champions bundles.

Riot Games noted that the 2023 Valorant Champions bundle is the most successful to date as it raised over $33 Million USD.

Faria said, "All in all, fans allowed us to share over $33 million from digital items with teams this year, more than 2021 and 2022 combined, and an average of more than $1 million per team. That, coupled with the base stipend and additional incentives provided by Riot, allows organizations to continue to invest in the sport with us."

Riot noted that from the staggering $33 Million, teams distributed around $12 Million to players and coaches (35% on average).

VCT Team Bundles 2024

Riot Games has doubled down on this concept of esports-related skins after seemingly seeing the success from digital item sales around Valorant Champions. Faria said, "All of this leads to something we’re incredibly excited to launch next year: VCT team bundles. For the first time ever, you’ll be able to support your favorite teams in-game with team-branded gun skins and goodies."

While he noted that this would be a new space for Riot Games, the company is extremely positive about the concept. VCT Team Bundles will launch in February 2024 which is right around the kickoff tournament for the upcoming competitive year.

These VCT Team Bundles won't be time-limited but will be available for purchase throughout the season.

Who Gets To be a Part of VCT Team Bundles?

According to Riot Games, every team in the International Leagues (North America, EMEA, Pacific and China) will get the full bundle with a gun skin. Even the recently promoted Ascension teams will have their own skins. "This upholds the philosophy of Ascension and provides all teams with the exact same benefits," noted the global head of Valorant esports.

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