Revenant Esports Announces Return With VCL 2023 SA Split 2


Revenant Esports Valorant Woke Up and Chose Violence

Now that is one way to drop an announcement.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Revenant Esports announced its return to competitive Valorant by dissing all Indian teams that competed in the VCL 2023: South Asia Split 1.
Revenant Esports will be seen in action at the VCL 2023: South Asia Split 2 with its six-player international lineup.
Revenant Esports has taken a rather bold step and done something which is refreshing for the scene, hitting teams with some banter and trolling.

One of the top esports organizations from India, Revenant Esports, has announced its arrival for the upcoming Valorant Challengers League 2023: South Asia Split 2.

After allegedly being snubbed for Split 1, the team housing a six-player international lineup is all set to compete against some of the best teams from across the South Asia region.

Revenant Esports released an edgy video targeting all Indian organizations that participated in Split 1 to announce its comeback to competitive Valorant, the likes of which have probably never been done by any other organization within the Indian esports scene.

Revenant Esports drops a diss video announcing its return to competitive Valorant

The regional esports community was surprised when the organizers of the regional Valorant Challengers League (VCL) tournament, NODWIN Gaming, did not announce Revenant Esports as one of the seven direct invites for the event. This was followed by multiple rumors and speculations about why the organization was ignored despite housing a complete Valorant lineup.

An earlier report by us even suggested that there were talks held between Revenant Esports and Velocity Gaming to join forces prior to Split 1, but it did not transpire into anything fruitful.

Commenting on the team's return, Rohit Jagasia - Founder and CEO of Revenant Esports said, "Due to legal complications, we were unable to participate in Split 1 despite having a fully stacked roster. The boys had plenty of time to train, though, and we are here to win it all in Split 2."

This was followed by a bold announcement from Revenant, who marked its return to competitive Valorant along with a diss video targeting their fellow Indian teams, walking a fine line between banter and disrespect.

Some of the more bolder things that could provoke responses from certain teams, organizations, and players were as follows,

Kasif "Paradox" Sayyed removing the GodLike Esports jersey and tossing it away to fall on the ground.

Shailesh "blackhawk" Dalvi spray painting and turning the Gods Reign logo into a clown's face.

Gods Reign diss by Revenant Esports

Representing the Orangutan logo as 'Morongutan' and then throwing it into a barrel before burning it.

Sahil "1TaPGoD" Duble taking a piss on the True Rippers logo which has been represented as 'True Strippers' by Revenant.

True Rippers diss by Revenant Esports

The community thoroughly enjoyed this video announcement made by Revenant Esports which targeted all the Indian esports organizations, leaving out MLT Esports which belongs to Bangladesh.

It has already managed to garner more than 4,400 views on YouTube, 55,000 views on Twitter, and 10,400 views on Instagram within two hours of its release.

Adding to this, Tejas "rite2ace" Sawant, Revenant's star player said, "It was definitely a disappointment to not be competing in Split 1. While the other teams might have the edge right now with more LAN experience and competition exposure this season, we are still pretty confident going into Split 2. We have watched all the games and have an understanding of our opponent’s strategies. Our squad had plenty of time to train and build our synergy so we are headed into Split 2 to secure South Asia’s spot at the Ascension.”

It will be interesting to see if the number of competing teams will increase for VCL 2023: South Asia Split 2 or will the arrival of Revenant Esports result in the removal of another team.

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