Former League of Legends pro Doublelift shared some comments about retired pro player Elementz on his latest Trash Talk podcast episode and Elementz responded to them via social media.


Retired Pro Elementz Lashes Out At Doublelift, Calls Him "A Bully"

Doublelift shared some comments about Elementz on his latest Trash Talk podcast episode

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Retired pro player Elementz responded to comments shared by Doublelift through a detailed Twitlonger.
Elementz clarified that he was not a Platinum tier player and that he was an innovative support player.
He also called Doublelift a bully and asked him to stop talking about him.

League of Legends pro Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng and his Trash Talk podcast are once again in the limelight in the community. This time Doublelift has been called out by retired pro player Cody "Elementz" Sigfusson after Doublelift spoke about Elementz’s time in the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS).

Elementz is a retired League of Legends esports player who also previously coached Team Coast. He also created the website Reign of Gaming and has been playing the game since its beta.

The latest episode of the Trash Talk podcast titled “VOYBOY HAS BEEN WHERE?!” featured some of the veteran players of League of Legends from North America (NA) including Brandon "Saintvicious" DiMarco, Joedat "Voyboy" Esfahani, William "scarra" Li, and Danny "Shiphtur" Le.

What did Doublelift say about Elementz?

On the Trash Talk podcast, Doublelift pointed out how in the early days of the League of Legends esports scene, there were many pro players who “could not hang past two months in.” He then proceeded to talk about Elementz and said, “I remember Elementz was famous for his tier lists, he had this website called Reign of Gaming where he was fuc**** pumping out gaming news. It was super popular and it turned out like right as he got kicked out from CLG [Counter Logic Gaming], that he was stuck in plat.

Doublelift added that it was crazy but that he was grateful to Elementz since that is when he got into CLG. Additionally, while talking about the old days of League of Legends esports, Doublelift commented that there were a lot of pros back in the day who could play “one or two things.

Elementz responds to Doublelift’s comments

Elementz took to Twitter to share his thoughts on Doublelift’s comments and posted a Twitlonger titled “In defense of my legacy” and said it was the right time to set the record straight since there seemed to be a stigma around his name in the industry. He also expressed disappointment that none of the other guests on the podcast, many of whom were peers who played with or against Elementz, stood up for him or corrected Doublelift.

Elementz stated that he played for three more years on Team Curse after being kicked from CLG and that he coached Coast for almost a year, followed by the Challenger Series. He clarified that his getting kicked out from CLG had nothing to do with his Solo Queue rating and that he and his lane partner Steve "Chauster" Chau were not vibing any more.

Next up, "could only play 1 or 2 things." Now, this is a laugh. My entire strength as a player was being a leading innovator of champions,” Elementz stated. He talked about some of the champion picks he popularized in League of Legends pro play. He said Doublelift’s comment about playing one or two things was a disingenuous statement about what Elementz brought to the community, his abilities, and his influence as a pro.

Following this, Elementz added that his stuck-in-plat phase happened during his time on Curse and that he started League of Legends Season 3 in the Platinum tier since he played duo queue with his friend and tanked his rating. He further stated that though he was stuck in Platinum at the start of the season, he climbed back to Challenger. “I have the challenger icon in S3 that states I wasn’t stuck there for long and finished the season as the top player that I was.

Elementz calls Doublelift an online bully in Twitlonger

Elementz wrote, “DL [Doublelift] you were a pain in my a** back in the day, and you’re still the single most negative influence around my name.” Elementz said that his legacy in League of Legends does not need to take any more hits from Doublelift and that he does not have the right to talk ill about him just because his pro career ended sooner than others’.

Elementz alleged that people remember him for all the things Doublelift has been lying to them about. He said, “I was also highly successful on every team I played on but because of your continued comments, what people remember me for is exactly what you’ve been lying about. That I was a hard stuck plat player who never belonged. That my accomplishments amount to getting kicked off teams when that couldn't be further from the truth.”

Additionally, the former League pro pointed out how Doublelift talks about the negativity of League of Legends Solo Queue but how he was and always has been “the epitome of an online bully setting the worst type of example for the community.

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