Respawn Entertainment releases new patch to fix Loba bracelet bug in Apex Legends


Respawn Entertainment Patches Loba Bracelet Bug in Apex Legends

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Respawn Entertainment has finally addressed the bug surrounding Loba’s tactical ability.
The bug is not new to the game but has been rampant since the start of Season 13.

The Apex Legends community seems to be truly done with all the bugs prevalent in the game and the players have been seeking action and answers from Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts. The sad reality about live service games is that there are constant updates to the game and the client which could potentially bring forth new bugs. One such bug that has been plaguing Apex Legends Season 13: Saviors is a Loba bug surrounding her bracelet ability. A few seasons ago, this Loba bracelet bug was present in King’s Canyon and World’s Edge and it took quite some time to get fixed. Now, two months after the season started, the developers have finally rolled out a bug fix for Loba’s bracelet ability.

What is the Loba bracelet bug?

Loba, the translocating thief, can prove to be a real asset on your squad, thanks to her passive Eye for Quality and her ultimate - Black Market Boutique. With her passive, Loba can spot nearby epic and legendary loot. Her ultimate allows allies and enemies to access nearby loot and take up to two items. Loba’s tactical ability – Burglar’s Best Friend – is her escape ability and allows her to reach unpredictable places. When cast, players can see her bracelet travel further and they can teleport to where the bracelet ends. This ability comes in handy while running away from enemies and helps the player reposition better.

Unfortunately, since the start of Season 13, players have been having a hard time using Burglar’s Best Friend due to the Loba bracelet bug. Players reported instances of Loba’s bracelet ability malfunctioning or simply not activating at all, which led many to believe it is bugged.

In a video titled “This Loba BUG could RUIN your game! (IT GOT ME KILLED!)” posted on 12th July, popular streamer Christian "Nokokopuffs" Feliciano encountered the Loba bracelet bug.

According to the players, this bug could have been triggered due to the new “out of bounds” areas that were introduced in Season 13.

Two months ago, on a Reddit thread discussing this bug, one user wrote, “Yeah this has happened to me good 3 times yesterday. Wasn't as bad as it used to be, but enough to frustrate me and almost get me killed. Before it would be every once in a blue moon and it would usually be a weird spot that was understandable and kinda unlucky, but now I worry the new patch may have broken it again.

Respawn Entertainment releases a list of fixes

On 13th July, Respawn Entertainment posted all the fixes coming our way through the new patch and one of them addressed the infamous Loba Jump Drive bug. One of the patch points read, “Resolve Loba’s tactical failing without reason.” Even though it might have taken almost two months for Respawn to roll out a patch to iron out this Loba bug, the players are still happy that the developers have finally addressed it.

With so many bugs in the game, the question that most players and fans are asking is whether the game is esports ready despite two championships already completed.

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