Renekton Gets the Worlds 2023 Skin

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>For Worlds 2023, Riot Games has chosen Renekton for the official skin</p></div>
For Worlds 2023, Riot Games has chosen Renekton for the official skin


Worlds 2023 is just around the corner and Riot Games is slowly teasing and revealing all the details for the marquee tournament in the League of Legends esports calendar.
One of the most exciting parts about Worlds is the reveal of the champion who gets the annual Worlds skin or the Championship skin.
This time around, the Worlds skin is also a part of the Worlds Unlocked digital version.

League of Legends World Championship aka Worlds is the second international tournament of the year and is the marquee event in the League of Legends esports calendar. It is already gearing up to be an exciting tournament with a stellar lineup of 22 teams who will battle it out starting from 10th October.

Riot Games already revealed that the theme of Worlds 2023 is "THE GRIND. THE GLORY.” Riot said, "This theme represents that bold dichotomy, where we embrace the duality of the journey of the pros and revel in both as part of the pursuit: the dark, continuous grind AND the beacon of hope and glory that awaits at the World Final."

With more information revealed slowly, Riot Games finally showcased the
Worlds Unlocked virtual pass on 21st September and a part of the digital version of this pass is the new Worlds 2023 skin, which shall soon be available in the in-game store.

Notably, one of the most exciting parts about Worlds is the reveal of the champion who gets the annual Worlds skin and this time around, it has gone the way of Renekton.

Renekton's Worlds 2023 Skin Revealed

In April, Riot Games asserted its commitment to building incredible esports and entertainment experiences. At the heart of this is its newest product ‘Virtual Pass’ or Worlds Unlocked product bundle which has been rolled out just in time for Worlds 2023.

This curated collection of limited-edition physical and in-game items that celebrate Worlds has two editions — Collector's and Digital — and the new Renekton Worlds skin is a part of the Digital edition of Worlds Unlocked.

It is to be noted that the Worlds skin line was formerly called the Championship skin line and it is a limited time skin that can only be bought during the Worlds tournament every year.

The Renekton Worlds 2023 skin seems to continue the blue and gold accents of the skinline and in addition to these colors, we can also see some red around the champion's tail and his weapon. One of the most interesting parts of the skin is the recall animation where Renekton breathes blue fire in the shape of the iconic Summoner’s Cup.

It is very likely that the Worlds 2023 Renekton skin will cost 1350 Riot Points just like the other Worlds skins did in the past. While a release date has not been confirmed by Riot Games for the skin, players can expect to see it very soon in the in-client store before 10th October.

Here's all you can find in the Digital edition of Worlds Unlocked Virtual Pass for Worlds 2023:

  • 2023 Worlds Event Pass

  • Base Renekton champ

  • 2023 Worlds Renekton skin

  • Exclusive Worlds Unlocked Renekton chroma

  • Exclusive Worlds Unlocked Runeterra Gothic icon

  • Exclusive Worlds Unlocked HOORAY! emote

  • Exclusive Worlds Unlocked “Kiss the Ring” Mercedes-Benz emote

  • Classic unvaulted past Worlds skin capsule

This digital edition is priced at $65 USD and contains unique, exclusive items that are produced only once, and in small quantities. You can get your hands on this edition and get the Worlds 2023 Renekton skin by going to

Champions Previously Featured in the Worlds or the Championship skinline

The Worlds skins, previously called the Championship skins, have been a staple of the international tournament since the beginning. The skinline usually features champions that were prominent throughout that particular season.

Here are all the champions who were previously featured in this iconic collection:

  • Riven (2012)

  • Thresh (2013)

  • Shyvana (2014)

  • Kalista (2015)

  • Zed (2016)

  • Ashe (2017)

  • Kha’Zix (2018)

  • Ryze (2019)

  • LeBlanc (2020)

  • Jarvan IV (2021)

  • Azir (2022)

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