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Ranked Decay and Social Systems Are Coming to League of Legends

Abhimannu Das
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Riot Games is set to distinguish Flex players by offering exclusive chromas as ranked rewards in League of Legends.
The studio is also working on a confidence based reporting system to curb toxic behavior and gameplay disruption.
There is no official timeline on when some of these changes are coming to the game currently.

Riot Games is set to make some major changes to how the ranked system works in League of Legends. The social systems are also being overhauled in a bid to change how interactions occur between players. Competitive rewards are also being tweaked in order to incentivize players to spend more time trying to get better in ranked play. Here is a rundown of all the changes that are coming to League of Legends in the future. Some of these changes be some time away as Riot Games has not yet revealed a definitive timeline for the updates but it offers fans insights on what to expect from League of Legends’ future.

Social System Changes

Confidence Based Reporting: Riot Games has seen positive results from its “intentional feeding confidence methodology”, and early testing by the studio indicates it will see similar improvements by rolling this out to other disruptive behaviors like hate speech, verbal abuse, and AFKs.

Verbal Abuse Detection and Punishment: Riot Games is looking at verbal abuse issues and assess what newer text evaluation systems can bring to the table. The studio is setting aside a bit of time to work with Central Player Dynamics, to explore our options. There is no timeline on the system currently.

Harm Mitigation

Champion Select Reporting Penalties: Riot Games is looking to get its systems into place to issue penalties and mitigations directly in Champion Select. Riot will focus on immediate action in Champ Select, including deterrent solutions for game impacting picks/bans, potentially including scenarios where the game can kill the lobby automatically.

Competitive Changes

Dynamic Position Popularity and Autofill: Riot is working on a solution that can potentially reduce autofill rates as low as ~0.6% of all games, down from the current ~2-5%. Not only is Riot expecting to see large autofill gains, but it also expects to see a reduction in queue times.

Premade Skill Balance: In 2020, Riot Games shipped Premade Parity to balance out premades across teams. The studio is looking at adding additional filters to specifically improve skill balance between each team's premades.

Dynamic Map Side Advantage: Riot Games is looking to make matchmaking's side correction dynamic, so it can automatically adjust sides as advantages change.

Ranked Changes

Ranked Decay: Riot Games is looking into better options for decay rate that it can roll out in a low-disruption way before the end of the season.

Social Comparison: A social leaderboard will be available in League of Legends in the near future. It will allow players to see their friends’ ranks on the leaderboard along with other stats.

Rewards Changes

Flex Rewards: Riot Games going to be offering two versions of each per-tier chroma, one for Solo/Duo and one for Flex. This change will be available starting this season and it better differentiates these two achievements and offers teams that climb in Flex something to shoot for that sets them apart.

Clash Rewards Visibility: Riot Games is working on some small enhancements for the current season, and it is looking to target more improvements going into the 2022 season so players know what they’re going after right from the start of the tournament

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