PUBG Teases Another Collaboration with K-Pop Group BLACKPINK

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PUBG's PC and console audience might be getting exclusive content as part of a collaboration with K-Pop Group BLACKPINK.
Last year, PUBG Mobile players received access to a limited-time event featuring the same K-pop group with in-game cosmetics and other prizes up for grabs.
The event will kick off on 4 August for PC players and 12 August for console players.

PUBG’s PC and console version is getting a collaboration event with the K-pop group BLACKPINK very soon. The official social media handles of the popular battle royale game has teased an upcoming event which fans can look forward to. This is not the first time that PUBG is partnering with BLACKPINK with PUBG Mobile already getting a crossover event last year. BLACKPINK is not a stranger to high profile collaborations with artists like Selena Gomez and Lady Gaga partnering with the K-Pop brand. While PUBG did tease the upcoming collaboration, we do not know what’s in store for fans just yet.

What to expect from the PUBC X BLACKPINK Collaboration

Last year, PUBG Mobile players had a two-week window to complete in-game missions to earn “support points” and unlock in-game outfits including the popular Killer Cadet Set and the Adorable Panda Suit. PUBG PC players can expect something similar with limited time cosmetics becoming available in-game. There were also autographed merchandise available for grabs with the PUBG Mobile event and players might be treated to something similar for the upcoming event for PUBG’s PC and console audience.

In the previous high-profile collaboration in PUBG PC, Tottenham Hotspur soccer player Son Heung-Min collaborated with the game and players got the opportunity to compete for a level three helmet signed by the player. There were also other in-game cosmetics on offer as part of the event. The upcoming PUBG X BLACKPINK event might do something similar and fans will have wait it and see what Krafton has in store for the community.

When is the PUBG BLACKPINK event taking place

PUBG revealed that upcoming event will kick off on 4 August for PC players and 12 August for console players. There is confirmation that collaboration bundles will be available as part of the upcoming event but Krafton is yet to confirm if players will get access to free limited-time cosmetics through challenges or not. Players should keep an eye out on PUBG social media handles for more teasers and event details that are likely to be shared leading up to the event.

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