Post Malone raised over $75,000  USD for The Trevor Project on the last day of his Apex Legends charity stream.


Post Malone Raises Over $75K for the Trevor Project via Apex Legends Charity Stream

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Post Malone raised over $75,000 USD for The Trevor Project on the last day of his Apex Legends charity stream.
Through the Gaming for Love charity, Post Malone raised donations for Human Rights Watch, Project Hope, United Way, and The Trevor Project.

Post Malone has been really vocal about his love for Apex Legends and has been streaming with some of the biggest names of the community including Timmy "iiTzTimmy" An and Brandon "aceu" Winn. Recently, Post Malone joined hands with Respawn Entertainment and Apex Legends to raise money for a few different charities and the musician invited some of the biggest stars that Apex Legends has seen. The charity event called “Gaming for Love” spanned four days and proceeds from each day’s livestream were donated to four different charities.

The last day of Gaming For Love (24th July) was aimed at donating money to The Trevor Project and at the time of writing this article, Post Malone along with the supportive Apex Legends community had raised over $75,000 USD for the charity.

Post Malone does a “shoey” on stream

As part of the charity stream, Apex Legends streamers and content creators were playing Solos when Post Malone announced that they had raised $75,000 USD for The Trevor Project. As a mark of celebration, Post Malone drank out of his converse on stream and thanked those who donated. He said, “Shoey for The Trevor Project. We love you guys so f**** much. Thank you for the donations. $75,000 let’s f**** go!

Apex Legends and Respawn Entertainment donate $10,000

One of the biggest donations for The Trevor Project in the Gaming for Love charity event was from Apex Legends and Respawn Entertainment. The company donated $10,000 USD and Post Malone pointed out that it has been very supportive throughout the event. He said, “Honestly, Apex has shown so much f**** love this whole time. It’s crazy. The first stream they did ten, second stream they did ten, and this stream they did ten [$10,000].

Post Malone’s first charity stream was on 18th July and the last one on 24th July. Throughout the charity event, Apex Legends raised awareness about the Post Malone stream on its social media handles to boost viewership.

What are the charities that were included in Post Malone’s Gaming for Love?

The four charities that were a part of the Gaming for Love charity event in collaboration with Apex Legends were as follows:

  1. Human Rights Watch: An international non-governmental organization (NGO) that conducts research and advocacy on human rights.

  2. Project Hope: A global health & disaster relief organization saving the lives of Ukrainian children and families, fighting COVID-19, and responding to global health crises.

  3. United Way: An international network of local non-profit organizations (NPOs) based in the United States, collecting donations and redistributing them to local non-profits.

  4. The Trevor Project: A suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning (LGBTQ) young people.

Post Malone raised the following amounts for these charities:

Human Rights Watch: $20,761 USD

Project Hope: $48,463 USD

United Way: $50,814 USD

The Trevor Project: $75,935 USD

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