Players Want Viral JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Fortnite Concept to Become A Reality


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Players Want Viral JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Fortnite Concept to Become a Reality

Abhimannu Das
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A Twitter user recently shared a mockup of a collab event in Fortnite featuring Jojo's Bizarre Adventure characters.
The concept went viral immediately and players want Epic Games to turn the idea into a reality.

A Fortnite and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure fan recently shared an imaginative concept art for a potential collaboration between the popular battle royale game and the beloved anime series. The collab mockup went viral almost immediately and players are hoping Epic Games takes notice and makes the collaboration a reality. Fortnite has built a reputation for its diverse collaborations, bringing in characters from various media, including film, music and video games.

Fans Desperately Want Fortnite to Collab With Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

The fan, known as JoJo4MVS, posted their dream Fortnite x JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure collaboration on Twitter/X. The detailed concept showcased skins and styles for iconic JoJo characters like Jotaro Kujo, Dio Brando, Jolyne Cujoh, and Giorno Giovanna.

The thread went beyond character designs, envisioning collab items such as Iggy as a back bling and a JoJo pose for an in-game emote.

Jojo's Bizzare Adventure is a Cultural Phenomenon That Should Be in Fortnite

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure breaks the mold of traditional storytelling with its unique blend of genres. Each part of the series features a new protagonist, a distinct art style, and a fresh mix of elements like supernatural powers, mystery, humor, and action. This variety keeps things fresh and appeals to a diverse audience.

The flamboyant art style is what sets it apart. The series's unique elements and meme-able content have led to a thriving online community that constantly discusses the anime. Even if you have never heard of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, you must have heard the phrase "is this a Jojo reference?" in nearly every pop culture community.

The response to the concept was overwhelmingly positive, with fans of both JoJo and Fortnite expressing excitement. Some fans claimed that they would instantly buy out all collab cosmetics in a heartbeat. Others added their praise, suggesting additional features like JoJo auras as cosmetics within the game.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure went into publication back in 1987 (Phantom Blood) and it has only gotten more prevalent in pop culture discussions over time. It has multiple generations of fans of all ages that would love to experience a Fortnite collab event.

This isn't the first instance of fans sharing their hopes for a JoJo and Fortnite crossover. The positive reception and detailed presentation by fans have sparked newfound enthusiasm about a potential collaboration event and hopefully Epic Games will listen to its fans and make the event happen.

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