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Phantom vs Vandal: Here is What Sentinels' TenZ Thinks About it

Abhimannu Das
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Sentinels' TenZ weighed in on the Phantom vs Vandal debate and said that the Phantom is the superior weapon in Valorant.
Team Liquid's ScreaM also feels the same way due to the ease of use of the weapon.
Regardless of their opinions, both weapons are highly competitive and players can't go wrong with either option.

The Valorant community is divided on two if its most popular rifles, the Vandal and the Phantom. There has been a lot of difference in opinion and bringing up the question of which weapon is better than the other often leads to heated discussions everywhere. But for Sentinels star Tyson ‘TenZ’ Ngo, the choice is clear. He thinks that the Phantom is the superior weapon by far and he shared his opinions on why that is in a recent Twitch stream. Why does the Valorant Stage 2 Masters champion think the Phantom outclasses the Vandal? Let’s find out.

Why TenZ thinks Phantom is better than Vandal

Just like any other FPS game, Valorant has its own gun meta and two of the most popular rifles are the Phantom and Vandal. Last year, ScreaM made it clear that the Phantom is his favorite weapon but he did talk about how the Vandal is better in certain situations. But Sentinels’ TenZ does not feel two ways about the debate. Just like ScreaM, TenZ also thinks that the Phantom is better.

He said “I’m actually not joking when I say the Phantom is so much better than the Vandal. The only thing the Vandal can do is like one tap. But the Phantom; bigger clip, easier spray pattern, one hits at close range anyways, one hits medium armor at like basically all ranges. You take a lot of chip damage in this game, so you’ll be a one hit at 140 most of the time.”

Team Liquid’s Scream weighed in on the debate not too long ago as well and said that deciding between both weapons can be difficult. He said, “Seriously, Phantom, I think it’s a better weapon. If you miss a shot or two with the Phantom, you can still recover, but the Vandal is not as forgiving.” He talked about how much easier it is to control the recoil of the weapon compared to the Vandal which can offer a big edge in 1v1s.

He added that the Phantom is better overall with its suppressor and fire rate. While many players might disagree with the opinions of the pro players and choose to prefer the Vandal, both weapons are extremely competitive and are among the most used weapons in the game. The duo of weapons along with the Operator outclass every other weapon in the game in most situations and they are truly S-tier options.

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