Why Phantom is ScreaM’s Favourite Gun in Valorant

Abhimannu Das
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  • ScreaM weighed in on why Phantom is the best rifle-class weapon in Valorant.
  • He likes the Phantom more than the Vandal for its ease of use more than anything else.
  • He said weapon choices should be determined by the situation instead of stick

One of the topics that leave the Valorant community split is if the Phantom is better than the Vandal or vice-versa. Both weapons are extremely capable of dealing with enemies in most ranges. They are among the most used weapons in the game. According to pro player ScreaM, Phantom is the better weapon, and here’s why. 

Why Does ScreaM Think Phantom is Better than Vandal?

Ever since the game’s release, Phantom and Vandal have become the two most iconic rifle class weapons. Both of them are accurate, boast of a great rate of fire, and have their distinct advantages. After unlocking both weapons for 2,900 credits each for the first time, you will notice that clear differences between the two. The Vandal shines at longer ranges because of its higher intrinsic ranged capabilities. On the other hand, Vandal is the better weapon because of its silencer. You can be stealthy with the Vandal and catch opponents off-guard without alerting other enemies. 

Team Liquid’s Scream weighed in on the matter and said that deciding between both weapons can be difficult. He said, “Seriously, Phantom, I think it’s a better weapon. If you miss a shot or two with the Phantom, you can still recover, but the Vandal is not as forgiving.” Despite clearly stating that the Phantom is the better weapon for his playstyle, he added that the right answer could vary depending on the situation. He uses both guns depending on the map, who he is playing with, and other vital factors. 

ScreaM believes that the Phantom is better than every other rifle-class in most situations. But his response is unlikely to the long-running debate to rest. Fans have been arguing over which is the better weapon for months. It is doubtful that they will come to a resolution anytime soon. Professional players, content creators, and other members of the community choose weapons based on personal preferences.

 Ease of use matters just as much as raw stats, and ScreaM emphasized just that. He opts for the Phantom because it is more forgiving despite the Vandal being better in some aspects. Riot Games also wants to keep the weapon meta in check and does not wish to have any weapon outshining the rest of the options. Suppose either gun goes out of hand and becomes too popular at the cost of other weapons seeing use in competitive play. In that case, Riot will likely make balance changes to it.

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