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Overwatch Twitch Streamer Accidentally Leaks Upcoming Hero ‘Kiriko’

Abhimannu Das
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Kiriko is likely to be a support hero as we already have received one DPS and one Tank in previous betas.
The new hero will be available via the battle pass from the free tier in Season One of Overwatch 2.
Players can skip the grind to unlock Kiriko by purchasing the premium battle pass and also get access to limited-time cosmetics.

Overwatch 2 streamer John "Wanted" Lin accidentally leaked upcoming hero Kiriko in a recent livestream. The PVP mode of Overwatch 2 is set to launch on 4th October and Blizzard has promised a brand new hero once the game launches in addition to Junker Queen and Sojourn who were playable in previous betas. Kiriko was shown off in an Overwatch 2 teaser in the past but we did not know the name of the hero until now. Wanted has spilled the beans on the upcoming hero and we cannot wait to see how Kiriko fits into the Overwatch 2 meta.

What we know about Kiriko so far

Overwatch 2’s Kiriko is likely to be in the support class. We are getting one new tank (Junker Queen) and one new DPS (Sojourn) on 4th October, and Kiriko is being added to the support class as part of the very first battle pass. A lot of players are concerned about the new cosmetics system and monetization but Blizzard Entertainment has promised fans that the new heroes will be available from the free tier of the pass.

Players will not need to spend any money to unlock any of the heroes and all previously available heroes will be unlocked by default. It is currently unknown what tier of the battle pass Kiriko will be locked behind, so players might need to grind out some XP before getting access to the new legend.

However, it was leaked that players who purchase the battle pass will get access to Kiriko instantly. You can get the Watchpoint Access pack or purchase the premium battle pass to get your hands on the new hero in-game as soon as Season One commences on 4th October.

In terms of abilities, we do not know what Kiriko’s abilities will be but she is likely to be a healer. Overwatch has experimented with supports that do not heal in the past with Symmetra but she had to be moved around from one class to another and has received numerous reworks and still hasn’t found her place in the meta yet. It is very likely that Blizzard will not try something similar anytime soon and will leave the support slots dedicated to healers.

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