Blizzard is looking to rework support heroes and improve rewards and progression in Overwatch 2.


Overwatch 2 to Rework Support Heroes and Improve Progression

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Overwatch 2 is looking to improve queue times for role queue by adding more support heroes to the game.
The developer is also looking to improve rewards and progression system in the game.

Blizzard Entertainment is looking into a number of issues players face including role queue times, rewards and progression, and the competitive side of Overwatch. In a blog post released a few days ago, the developer said it was looking into reworking support heroes in the game to improve the role queue times. 

Blizzard wants to rework support heroes to improve queue times

Since Overwatch moved to a 5v5 team comp, the previous issues with role queue have only been made worse. Lead Hero Designer Alec Dawson told Dexerto that the team was “constantly” evaluating the length of queue times across the board in Overwatch 2. “I think you’ll see in the future, we are looking at adding more Supports in the game to help balance that out,” he told Dexerto. Many fans feel the Support role feels stale since most of the heroes remain untouched. While the game added one new hero for each role, Support continues to have the least amount of heroes to choose from. To combat this, Blizzard is “discussing targeted support hero reworks, game system updates, and even some role-wide changes to improve support quality of life.”

As of now, the developers have made queue-time estimates more accurate in the UI and they plan to “experiment with Battle Pass XP rewards for those who queue as support/all roles.”

Improvements to rewards and progression

Since Overwatch’s move to a free-to-play model, it has faced a lot of criticism for doing away with meaningful progression in the game. While the game received praise for getting rid of loot boxes, fans aren’t happy with the high prices of skins and the limited amount of earnable tokens per week. So while Blizzard is “happy with the daily/weekly challenges,” it wants to give players “new accomplishments to chase outside of Competitive Rank and Battle Pass level.”

For Season 2, they’re adding an earnable event skin and continuing with the Twitch drop programs that will let players earn skins and in-game cosmetics. In the long term, Blizzard is looking to change up the Battle Pass and add “more interesting Challenges to pursue’ and “play-focused progression systems.”

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