Overwatch 2 Season 1 Patch brings nerfs to tanks, changes to ultimate cooldowns and healers.


Overwatch 2 Season 1 Patch Brings Nerfs to Tanks

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Overwatch 2 Season 1 Patch brings nerfs to tanks and healers like Brigitte.
The developers also made changes to temporary health and damage role passives.

Overwatch 2 officially goes live on 4th October, debuting Season 1 and kicking off a brand new era for the game. Ahead of the launch, developers released patch notes for the new season. In Overwatch 2 seasons will last for 9 weeks and bring in new maps, heroes, game modes and more. As of now, Overwatch 2 will be releasing a new hero every season. The Season 1 update is nerfing tanks like Orisa, the new Junker Queen and D.Va. and some general changes to all heroes. Let’s look at all the updates to hero balance coming to Overwatch 2 Season 1.

Overwatch 2 Season 1 Balancing Changes

The following changes are coming to the game on 4th October.


  • Temporary health now grants 50% reduced ultimate charge instead of zero ultimate charge.

  • Damage Role Passive - New Passive: Eliminations grant 25% increased reload and movement speed for 2.5 seconds. Does not stack with itself but will refresh the duration.

  • All heroes now refund up to 30% ultimate power on hero swap

Junker Queen

  • Commanding Shout

    Allied health bonus reduced from 100 to 50 HP

    Allied duration reduced from 5 to 3 seconds

    Temporary health no longer decays over its duration

    Cooldown increased from 11 to 15 seconds


  • Base health increased from 250 to 275

  • Base armor increased from 250 to 275

  • Energy Javelin cooldown reduced from 8 to 6 seconds


  • Boosters impact damage increased from 10 to 25

  • Micro Missiles cooldown reduced from 8 to 7 seconds

  • Call Mech ultimate cost reduced by 12%


  • Inspire duration reduced from 6 to 5 seconds


  • Biotic Launcher primary fire damage increased from 24 to 25

  • Biotic Launcher primary fire minimum falloff range increased from 20 to 25 meters


  • Pressing Crouch during Guardian Angel now launches you straight up

  • Angelic Descent can now be activated by holding Crouch while airborne


  • Ironclad passive is enabled again (20% damage reduction while transformed)


  • Hellfire Shotguns spread reduced from 8 to 7 degrees.


  • Railgun energy gain from non-player targets (barriers, turrets, etc.) reduced by an additional 50%.


  • Hack ability lockout duration increased from 1 to 1.75 seconds.

Overwatch 2 also announced a new push map debuting in Season 1

Overwatch 2 Season 1 will also feature a new push map. 

The developer announced the new Esperanča map, set in Portugal coming to Season 1 on 4th October. Esperanča is a push map, similar to Colosseo and New Queen Street.

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