Overwatch 2 New Unreleased Game Trailer Found: Video Link, Soundtrack, More


Overwatch 2 New Unreleased Game Trailer Found: Video Link, Soundtrack, More

That soundtrack is groovy.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Community members have found an unlisted new game trailer for Overwatch 2 on YouTube.
The link was found via a blog that had temporarily appeared on Blizzard's website and was later taken down.
It has also been reported by users that Overwatch 2 posters can be found across major cities, along with ads being run on various social media platforms.

Overwatch 2 has created a video that looks like a new game trailer for the title. The weird thing is that it has not been officially announced but was found out by community members through a blog update which has since been taken down by Blizzard.

The blog contained the video called 'Overwatch 2 | Heroes Can' which seems to be unlisted on YouTube but the link has been circulated across the entire community.

This video was uploaded on 22nd July but started garnering attention only after the accidental blog mishap. It has gathered more than 2,500 views at the time of writing this article along with comments from various users.

Overwatch 2 Community Members Find Unreleased New Game Trailer: Complete Details

The unlisted video which has been found on YouTube via a leaked Overwatch 2 blog plays out like a game trailer and has been titled as 'Heroes Can'.

It was uploaded on 22nd July but has not been taken live yet. This likely means that the developers are holding back for now and have prepared to release the video on a particular date. The only important one that comes to mind is 10th August, the day on which Overwatch 2 is set to launch on Valve's platform Steam along with the release of Season 6: Invasion.

This seems to be the only event relevant and adequate enough to warrant a game trailer-like video.

Some things that instantly caught the attention of community members were as follows,

  • A new soundtrack which is likely called 'Heroes Can'.

  • Characters fighting on the upcoming maps New Junk City and Suravsa, both a part of the upcoming game mode Flashpoint which will be released with Season 6: Invasion.

  • The last scene showcases all the Overwatch 2 heroes along with the call to action 'Overwatch 2 Free To Play'.

Apart from this, it seems Blizzard has started advertising Overwatch 2 with the game's posters appearing across major cities and community members reporting game advertisements across social media platforms like Facebook and TikTok.

A popular Overwatch page on Twitter, Overwatch Cavalry, even mentioned that a trailer of the game was witnessed prior to the screening of the Barbie movie.

At the time of writing this article, no official statement was released by Overwatch 2 or Blizzard regarding this, while the video continues to remain unlisted along with the missing blog.

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