Blizzard Entertainment is revamping Overwatch 2 Battle Pass System


Overwatch 2 Is Ditching Lootboxes in Favor of a Battle Pass System

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Overwatch 2 will steer away from loot boxes in favor of premium cosmetics and a battle pass.
Only the PVP is launching on 4th October, with a new battle pass. The PVE content for Overwatch 2 will launch in 2023
The game is also adding mythic skins which fall in a tier above Legendary.

Blizzard Entertainment just hosted a live stream detailing some of the PVP changes coming to Overwatch 2 and it looks like the game is completely ditching loot boxes in favor of paid cosmetics and battle pass systems. Loot boxes have been heavily criticized in recent years and Overwatch is one of the biggest games out there that implemented them. With countries like Belgium and the Netherlands cracking down on loot boxes, the move will prevent the game from being banned in the regions.

Seasonal Battle Passes are coming to Overwatch 2

Overwatch (2016) helped popularize loot boxes and they have been shunned in the gaming world in recent years. Even though the game is generous with drops and you can theoretically earn infinite loot boxes, there is still no guaranteed way to unlock a cosmetic that you want. You would need to get coins or duplicate items from the loot boxes to get enough currency for crafting the cosmetics that you like.

With the new battle pass system, everyone gets a set of cosmetics and there will also be an in-game shop that will allow players to purchase the skins that they want. One of the things that was possible in the first Overwatch game is that even if you did not spend money on skins, you could earn coins to craft skins. It is unknown if players will be able to earn premium currency to purchase the skins that they want or if they will be limited to purchases only.

Blizzard did not specify how much the battle pass will be priced at and if they will be “perpetual.” Currently, there are two types of battle passes that are available in the gaming sphere. The first is the kind you would find in Apex Legends or Fortnite. You purchase a battle pass once, and then you get back the premium currency you invested which allows you to purchase the next battle pass. As long as you complete all battle passes, you will need to purchase just one pass to enjoy all of the unlocks forever.

The second variant is what you would see in games like Valorant and Genshin Impact. You purchase a battle pass and get access to all of the paid rewards but you do not get any of your currency refunded. You have to purchase the battle passes every season which can be quite expensive depending on how many seasons there are in a year.

Blizzard is yet to reveal any specifics about the battle pass and there are Mythic skins coming to the game as well. Overwatch 2’s mythic skins are likely to be tied to the battle pass as the developers talked about how each season will have its own mythic skins. They are customizable skins and are a tier above legendary skins. More details about Overwatch 2’s monetization will be available closer to the game’s launch in October.

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