Overwatch 2's latest Mime Moira skin draws criticism from fans.

Overwatch 2 Fans Upset Over $20 Legendary Mime Moira Skin

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Overwatch 2's latest Mime Moira skin draws criticism from fans.
The Legendary skin doesn't have any significant design changes, unlike her older skins.

Overwatch 2 players aren’t happy with the recently added Mime Moira skin. The Legendary tier skin will set players back 1900 coins for what amounts to a recolor of her Overwatch 2 outfit and a new hat. Fans were quick to point this out on Twitter and Reddit, showing side-by-side comparisons of Moira’s Overwatch 1 Legendary skins and the new Mime Moira skin. 

Blizzard’s pricing for Overwatch 2 content continues to draw flak

The developer added the Mime Moira skin as part of a bundle available in the shop for a ‘discounted’ price of 1700 coins which includes the ‘Rope Pull’ emote, ‘Mime Glove’ weapon charm and ‘Mime’ spray.

It is available as part of the Mime Moira bundle and as a standalone skin.

The skin alone is available for 1900 coins. However, compared to older Moira Legendary skins which changed several design elements, there hardly seems to be a difference in the new skin.

Some fans still had faith in the developer, giving it the benefit of doubt over the Legendary classification being a bug. Blizzard is yet to respond, confirming if the classification is really a bug.

Fans also took to Reddit to express their discontent. User EndKnight in a now-deleted post on the Overwatch subreddit detailed the differences between earlier Epic and Legendary Moira skins.

A Redditor detailed the changes in earlier Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary skins for Moira.

This isn’t the first time since the release of Overwatch 2 that Blizzard has been criticized for their pricing policies. Kiriko’s Athleisure skin also received similar flack for being classified as a Legendary skin despite few design element changes. Similarly, fans were unhappy with Kiriko’s Witch skin released during the Halloween event. The skin was only available as part of a bundle with additional cosmetics with no way of buying it alone. Such practices are illegal in certain countries. Eventually Blizzard allowed the individual purchase for her skin without the bundle.

Blizzard’s monetization strategies have consistently been called out online since the game’s release. The developer has since tried to smooth things over by giving players options to earn certain cosmetics like highlight intros, weapon charms, and souvenirs through Twitch Drops and as login rewards.

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