Overwatch 2 players discovered a major bug on Tracer.


Overwatch 2 Devs Are Aware of Major Tracer Bug

Tracer will not be disabled like Mei

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Overwatch 2 players discovered a major bug on Tracer.
Blizzard said it is aware of the issue but won't be disabling the hero.

Overwatch 2 released its latest patch on 17th November and brought back Mei who was disabled in the game since 31st October. However, players noticed a bug with Tracer that they feared could take her out of the game just like Mei. User PikeOrShield posted a video on the Overwatch subreddit highlighting Tracer’s bug. The bug doesn’t let her damage fall off the further she gets away from the target.

Tracer’s normal damage falloff range on her Pulse Pistols is supposed to start at 13 meters and go down till 20 meters after which it completely falls off. However, in the Firing Range clip posted by the user, her damage remains constant till 20 meters. 

Overwatch developers are aware of the issue but they won’t be disabling Tracer

Overwatch 2 Game Director Aaron Keller responded to the Reddit post confirming the bug and saying developers were “currently investigating and planning to address this bug in a future patch.” This bug was apparently in the game for the last few builds and the devs “verified it in the Halloween patch.” Keller said that Tracer’s “overall power level has been ok,” and that they were not planning to disable the hero. He said that the devs were also looking at “additional changes to her kit to compensate.”

Some players were not happy with the response and criticized Blizzard Entertainment for the many bugs and hero disables since its launch. User NeonIcyWings said, “Alright, what the hell is going on with OW2? Did any hero ever get disabled in the entirety of OW1's life span, 'cause I don't remember it. Meanwhile, Bastion got removed entirely, Torbjorn got locked out of comp, Mei is gone,” meanwhile user TempuraTempest chimed in saying, “Don't forget how they somehow locked us out of more than half the hero roster for a while.

Blizzard deciding not to disable Tracer to fix the bug was likely due to the number of hero disables the game has seen so far. Many players were happy with the developer's response to the bug. Mei had been disabled in the game since Halloween due to an exploit with her Ice Wall and Kiriko’s Swift Step. The Mei bug which allowed players to reach locations outside the standard play area. She was disabled from the game for two and a half weeks, frustrating a lot of Mei mains.

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