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Overwatch 2 Console Beta: What We Know So Far

Abhimannu Das
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Overwatch 2 might get a console beta in the near future but there is no official confirmed date just yet.
The current beta will last until 17th May and it will be exclusive to PC players only.
Beta registration for all platforms is open on the official Overwatch 2 page.

Overwatch 2’s PVP Beta is underway for PC but console fans are waiting to get more information on when a beta will be available for PlayStation and Xbox. As of now, there are no plans to get into the Overwatch 2 beta for console players and fans will have to wait until the current beta ends on 17th March 2022 and until the next beta is announced.

Overwatch 2 Console Beta: What We Know

There is no known release date for the console beta. However, fans should not be disappointed as fans from all platforms can sign up for future betas that will include consoles. Blizzard has confirmed that it plans to include console players in the future.

If you want to sign up for the beta, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Head to the Overwatch 2 Beta website

  2. Click on the Opt-In Now button

  3. Log into the game if you are not signed in already

Some players may encounter an error saying ‘We couldn’t sign you up”. This may occur due to high traffic on the website. Simply try again later and you should be able to successfully sign up for the beta.

Once a beta that is available on consoles is accessible, you will be notified. Not all players who sign up for a beta get access and Blizzard may offer keys through Twitch drops or other means. Keep an eye out on Blizzard’s social media platforms and you will know how you can get access to beta keys. An open beta may also be available at a later date which may give all players access to the game even without signing up.

Do you need Overwatch 1 to play the Overwatch 2 beta?

Players do need a copy of Overwatch 1 to play Overwatch 2. However, you do not need a copy of Overwatch 1 to participate in the beta. All players who receive access to the beta will be able to download it normally. After the beta period ends, players will need to purchase a copy of Overwatch 1 to play Overwatch 2, which will be available for free to all Overwatch 1 owners.

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