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Videogamedunkey calls Overwatch 2’s PVP a Mess “But Still Better Than Valorant”

Abhimannu Das
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Dunkey feels that Overwatch 2’s PVP does not offer noticeable improvements over its predecessor.
Blizzard made players wait three years for marginal improvements which could have been added to the game in patches.
The game’s PVE elements might be the saving grace but players have no idea on what to expect as the co-op content is absent from the beta.

YouTuber Jason Yevgeniy “videogamedunkey” Gastrow posted a quick review of the Overwatch 2 PVP beta and feels that the player-versus-player (PVP) experience is a mess but it is “still better than Valorant.” Valorant fans who have seen the video should not take his comment about the game seriously. Dunkey is known for his satirical videos and humor. The video was mostly focused on how Blizzard made some changes to Overwatch’s gameplay in its sequel but the core experience is still the same.

Dunkey calls role queue in Overwatch 2 “moronic”

One of the biggest issues Dunkey has with Overwatch 2’s beta is that the game still has role queue which is a system that forces players to run 1 tank, 2 damage dealers, and 2 supports. While there is an option to play “open queue” where there are no team composition restrictions, Dunkey does not approve of role queue and many players have called it out in the past as well.

Role queue does solve instances where too many DPS (Damage Dealers), support or tank players end up in the same team, but it also restricts creative team building and the ability for players to swap across roles mid-game. The queue times are already high and the queue restrictions only make things worse.

Even though the game shifted to a 5v5 setting, the game feels the same according to Dunkey. He said in his video, “you can never escape the feeling that you are still playing Overwatch 1.” Blizzard Entertainment stopped all content updates and the game has not received a new map, hero, or any meaningful content in three years. Anything that is included in Overwatch 2 could have easily been included in the first game instead of the developers abandoning it.

The big sell for Overwatch 2 is the co-op story missions which are not yet available in the beta. Only time will tell if the content is replayable and enjoyable enough to keep players hooked to the game or if players will lose interest in it after completing all of the missions a single time.

The beta has been called disappointing by many and after reaching viewership counts of 1.5 million on Twitch during day one of the Overwatch 2 beta, it has already dropped to around 30,000 viewers. A lot of the viewership was driven by beta access drops and the current Twitch viewership has not improved much compared to what the Overwatch 1 category on Twitch used to experience.

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