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Octane Seizes Number One Spot in the Apex Legends Season 14 Meta

Abhimannu Das
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Octane currently has a 10.2% pick rate but at higher ranks, his usage falls off sharply.
In Master and Predator ranks, Octane is at the number six spot while Horizon is number one
The return of King's Canyon and a fast-paced meta has brought Octane back into the fray.

Octane has always been a popular legend but his prevalence fell off over time with players moving to newer legends like Horizon and Valkyrie because of how much more utility they offer. But it looks like with the return of King’s Canyon, Octane has found his place back in the meta with the legend seeing over a 10% pick rate across all ranks. But his prevalence in the meta may not last for very long once Split 2 launches later this season.

Who are the most popular legends in Apex Legends Season 14

Octane is currently the most popular legend with an average rank of Gold 2 and a pick rate of 10.2% according to Apex Legends Status. Wraith is currently sitting at a 9.7% pickrate and Vantage, who is the newest legend in the game, is in the number three spot. Unlike a lot of recent legend releases, Vantage has proven to be very viable especially in lower ranks and casual games. She can two tap enemies with her ultimate in a lot of situations and offers decent recon capabilities with some mobility baked into her kit.

While Octane, Wraith and Vantage may be the most popular legends in the game right now, the meta is not the same when you look at just Master and Predator ranks. Horizon currently rules the roost with a 21.4% pick rate while Pathfinder and Wraith narrowly trail behind. Pathfinder’s prevalence in the meta is surprising as his popularity has declined over the years.

While Pathfinder can still be flashy and lethal in the right hands, very few players have truly mastered his movement. Players can get a lot more value with a lot less skill and risk involved by using other recon legends, and the more recent legends like Seer and Valkyrie simply outclass Pathfinder. However, if you are an Apex Legends “movement god”, there is no reason not to play the legend.

While not being as competitive as Horizon or Wraith, Octane still sees a lot of play and is currently among the top six legends in the game. King’s Canyon is a highly favorable map for Octane as you can push into enemies with his Jump Pad and clean up fights in no time.

The meta is likely to undergo a shift in a few weeks once King’s Canyon is no longer available in Ranked, and only time will tell if Octane will continue to be popular this season.

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