NRG Esports confirmed the acquisition of Counter Logic Gaming and announced that it shall be maintaining the infrastructure of CLG’s League of Legends teams. 


NRG Esports Acquires CLG’s Spot in LCS

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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NRG Esports confirmed the acquisition of Counter Logic Gaming and announced that it shall be maintaining the infrastructure of CLG’s League of Legends teams.
This marks the end of CLG’s storied legacy and the return of NRG to the North American league after seven years.

One of the biggest names in the League of Legends competitive scene in North America, Counter Logic Gaming (CLG), has bid adieu to the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS). On 6th April, NRG Esports (NRG) CEO Andy Miller confirmed that they have acquired CLG and its LCS operations, including the main roster, the Challengers team and the coaching staff, keeping most of the infrastructure intact. Though this marks the end of CLG’s legacy in the esport scene, it does not take away from the achievements and accolades the team made over the years. It also marks the return of NRG Esports to the League of Legends pro scene after a gap of seven years.

Notably, the news regarding CLG’s position and mass layoffs was revealed earlier in the week by content creator Travis Gafford and later by James Fudge of The Esports Advocate.

NRG CEO confirms CLG acquisition & LoL takeover

On 6th April, NRG Esports wrote on social media, “A quick message from NRG CEO Andy Miller. We have some exciting things planned, and will be answering more questions in the coming week.” The organization officially confirmed its return to the LCS and it welcomed CLG’s League of Legends team. 

In the announcement video, CEO Andy Miller said it was a big day for NRG and recalled how the organization has been committed to making a comeback in the League of Legends esports scene. 

Miller also added that CLG’s parent company, the Madison Square Garden Corporation, will become a major shareholder in NRG Esports and the organization is waiting for Riot Games’ approval for changing the branding from CLG to NRG.

LCS welcomes NRG Esports 

On Twitter, the LCS officially welcomed NRG back into the LCS. The league also lauded the incredible legacy of CLG. In its statement, the LCS said, “One of the founding members of NA LCS back in 2013, Counter Logic Gaming is an inextricable part of our history over the last decade, and an organization whose impact on North American esports cannot be overstated.

Notably, NRG eSports in League of Legends was announced in November 2015 as the team bought the NA LCS slot of Team Coast for the 2016 Spring Season. Following this, in 2016, after facing relegation from the league, NRG Esports disbanded.

NRG Esports is a well-established brand in the esports environment. It fields rosters in Valorant, Overwatch (San Francisco Shock), Apex Legends, and Rocket League. Notably, NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal is one of the organization’s owners.

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