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'No Unlawful Conduct' by Reginald, According to TSM’s Internal Investigation

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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TSM CEO Reginald stated that the internal investigation led by TSM was complete.
TSM’s investigations found no evidence of inappropriate or unlawful behavior by Reginald.
Riot Games started a separate investigation into Reginald’s workplace behavior and it has not yet made its findings public.

In November 2021, various allegations of harassment, discrimination, bullying, and inappropriate conduct were leveled toward Team SoloMid’s CEO Andy “Reginald” Dinh and this immediately led to two investigations: one by Riot Games and an internal one by the organization itself.

On 27th May, Reginald took to Twitter to post a Twitlonger confirming that TSM’s internal investigation has concluded and that it found no evidence of inappropriate or unlawful behavior by him. He also attached the official findings and the full summary of the investigation for transparency.

Reginald wrote, “After interviewing over 30 current and past employees and contractors including all current League of Legends players, the investigator found no evidence of any unlawful behavior on the part of the company, its executives, or by me personally. In addition, not a single witness described any systemic and/or isolated incidents of sexual harassment or gender discrimination.

He stated that, during the process, he realized he needed to improve the way he communicated with the team members. “Over the years, I have prided myself on having a management style that is direct, open, and honest.

Reginald to work with an executive coach

In the Twitlonger, Reginald stated that he would be working with an executive coach to improve his communication skills and make sure that TSM supports and motivates its employees. He added that a three-month top to bottom evaluation of the company’s culture would be carried out and that it would be a collaborative effort from all parties.

Additionally, TSM will also be implementing an anonymous reporting hotline for anyone to share concerns in the workplace and it will facilitate workshops with outside experts to nurture a productive environment.

I began my professional esports journey as a teenager, and now, over a decade later, am the proud founder and CEO of the world’s most valuable esports organization. I am grateful for the opportunity to push my company to the next level, and I will take up this challenge with the same drive and determination that brought TSM here.

Employee raises questions at meeting

According to The Washington Post, during an all-hands meeting at TSM on 27th May, an employee reportedly asked Reginald why TSM told sponsors about the results of the investigation before it was disclosed to the employees. They also questioned the likelihood of TSM’s workplace culture undergoing changes given Dinh’s description of the allegations raised against him as “highly exaggerated.

At the start of May, Reginald was accused of fostering a “culture of fear” in TSM and Blitz, as per a report written by Mikhail Klimentov for the Washington Post. The article mentions multiple statements from former employees of TSM as well as Blitz, a company co-founded by Reginald. The employees stated that they feared interactions with Reginald since they could not deduce which “Andy” they were “going to get.

Reginald replied to a post on the Team SoloMid Subreddit on 4th May and stated that he would do a complete AMA (Ask Me Anything) once the investigation is complete since he does not have anything to hide. In January, Riot Games started its own investigations into this matter and the findings of this have not yet been made public.

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