NICKMERCS Feels Warzone Devs “Don’t Care” About the Game

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Content creators Nicholas ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff and Timothy ‘TimTheTatman’ John Betar feel that Warzone devs do not care about the game anymore.
Both content creators pointed out that Warzone is making a ton of money but there is no communication from the devs about a potential anti-cheat update.
Nick and Tim are currently playing Apex Legends but they may return to Warzone in Season 5.

Nicholas ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff is one of the biggest content creators in the Warzone community and he shocked everyone when he moved to Apex Legends recently, after being frustrated with the state of the Call of Duty battle royale. He posted a video explaining his stance on Warzone and how the cheater problem killed his desire to play the game for now. Timothy ‘TimTheTatman’ John Betar also posted a video where he talks to Nick about the current state of Warzone. Here is what both content creators feel about the current state of Warzone and why they think Activision does not care.

NICKMERCS’ thoughts on the current state of Warzone

Nick thinks that cheaters have completely ruined Warzone and as Raven Software and Activision continues to battle against the ongoing problem, he and TimTheTatman decided to move to Apex Legends. He sat down with Tim and talked about how Activision is shutting down cheat websites, but the game continues to face more cheaters than ever before. The number of cheaters seemingly peaked in Season 4, forcing multiple content creators to quit.

TimTheTatman told Nick “I hate that I love this game, I really do. It looks like they don’t care, right?” Nick responded saying “with the kind of bread they’re bringing in – those issues shouldn’t be a thing. Where’s the Tweet? Where’s the communication we talked about?”. The Warzone developers have been quiet about the cheater problem, which has angered the community. Nick and Tim feel that other games have more communicative developers who interact with the playerbase.

Warzone’s hacking problem has not only affected normal matches, but also tournaments. Nick shared his experience at recent events talking about how he died to hackers and “it just sucked it right out of me man. I got so mad, I was off-stream pacing. Like, I can’t do it. I’m too competitive”. He also added that casual games are filled with hackers as well with players using game-breaking exploits, wallhacks, aimbots and other cheats. While Nick and Tim have established themselves as variety streamers who move from one game to another, players who stream only Call of Duty are suffering due to the poor experience.

With Warzone Season 5 around the corner, it remains to be seen if there are any major updates to the anti-cheat to address the cheater issue. Until then, Nick will be playing Apex Legends’ ranked mode in an attempt to reach Apex Predator, which is the highest rank in the game that just 750 players can achieve globally.

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