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Here is Why xQc Is Not Enjoying Apex Legends

Abhimannu Das
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Twitch star, Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel does not like the combat flow of Apex Legends because "nobody actually fights."
XQc is one of many big streamers who tried out the game due to a surge in popularity the two-year old battle royale is experiencing.
Lengyel's complains are valid as Apex Legends is designed in a way that promotes the use of cover to heal up before re-engaging during combat.

Apex Legends is experiencing massive popularity on Twitch currently and it is currently the most trending game on the platform. However, one of the biggest content creators on the platform, Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel, is not too fond of the game because nobody really fights. During his experience, he seems to dislike the combat flow of the game to some extent. With a lot of popular content creators like TimTheTatman, NICKMERCS, and Cloakzy diving into the game and enjoying it, xQc is not one of them. Here is why he did not enjoy his time with the game during the few hours he streamed it recently.

Why xQc does not enjoy Apex Legends

XQc recently shared his thoughts on Apex Legends and said that one of the core elements of a battle royale, which is the combat itself, is missing in Apex Legends. Players are bound to run into each other during every match and it should lead up to fights between multiple teams. But when fights do break out, players take advantage of the large amount of healing items present in the game, with Shield Batteries being the most potent ones to use mid-combat.

The streamer went into a rant and talked about how “nobody actually fights” and started imitating sounds of popping Syringes and Shield Batteries in-game. At this point, it is a part of Apex Legends’ combat with the high health pools that players have. Unlike other battle royales like Warzone where the Time-to-Kill (TTK) is very low, Apex Legends focuses on faster-paced movement but at the cost of higher TTK.

Considering how popular the game is currently, xQc is likely to stream the game more but he does have a valid point about players refusing to engage very often and starting to heal as soon as they get shot. A lot of content creators moved to Apex from Warzone recently due to the influx of cheaters and it has caught the attention of some of the biggest streamers, including xQc, stonemountain64, NICKMERCS, and more. It remains to be seen if Apex can sustain its popularity and capitalize on the recent surge in players and viewership.

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