xQc is one of the biggest streamers on Twitch and he shared a list of his New Year resolutions on his stream.


New Year Resolution: xQc Shares His On & Off-Stream Goals for 2023

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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xQc shared a list of his New Year resolutions on his Twitch stream.
The list included both on and off-stream goals and one of the exciting resolutions is his much-awaited subathon.

In his recent livestream on Twitch, streaming superstar Felix "xQc" Lengyel shared his plans for the new year with his viewers. After watching Hasan "HasanAbi" Doğan Piker outline his goals for 2023 on stream, xQc also created a New Year's resolution list and shared some of the goals he wants to achieve both on-stream and off-stream in 2023. He updated his fans regarding his plans to finally start his very own “subathon” after talking about it for months altogether. xQc also noted that he wants to focus on things that matter and that he will stream regularly on Twitch.

xQc’s on-stream goals

The following are xQc’s streaming-related goals in 2023:

  • Be on time for stream 75% of the time

  • Host [his] own podcast (maybe two)

  • Focus on the things that matter, click the button Subathon before Q3 [Third quarter of the year]

  • Do more IRL [in-real life content] and less filler/ less stunlocks /less excuses 

  • Show up 

  • Beat Minecraft 20:38 speedrun

xQc’s major goals are to break Hans Eli Sebastian Fors aka Forsen's Minecraft speed run record and also host his own subathon. He said, “One…Beat Minecraft 20:38 speed run. That's one! Two... subathon before Q3. I think that's fair enough. Uhm... hold up! This is realistic. Be on time for stream 75% of the time.”

While xQc has been considering doing a subathon for many months now, the streamer has not gotten around to doing it yet. The concept of a subathon is simple: Every time a new viewer subscribes to the stream, time is added to the countdown clock which will notify how long they have to stream for. Subathon is a combination of the words ‘subscribers’ and ‘marathon.’ Subathon was introduced first in 2021, when streamer and content creator Ludwig Ahgren streamed for 31 days straight, including while he was sleeping.

xQc’s off-stream goals

The former Overwatch pro’s off-stream goals include:

  • Getting a driver’s license

  • Hire a chef and eat better

  • Go on walks, and exercise sometimes since he wanted to set the bar low

  • Focus on the things that matter

Notably, this is not the first time xQc has jotted down his New Year Resolutions on stream. Last year in 2022, some of his goals included scheduling his streams better, being nicer to people including his moronic chatters, and also paying his moderators what they deserve. 

Though most of his goals are pretty achievable, only time will tell if we will actually witness an xQc subathon or listen to his podcast(s) in 2023.

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