Players have been reporting a new Valorant bug that is causing several client and account-based errors in Valorant


New Valorant Bug Causes All Account Progress to Disappear

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Valorant players were facing several client and account-related errors and bugs.
Players reportedly had issues accessing their collections and were defaulted back to Level 1 and could not see their careers.

Valorant players have been reporting a new bug in the game which is causing numerous client-related issues. Many players have come forward to report issues with their game lobby, skin collection, and also the agent select phase of the game. People also noticed that their player cards were switched to the default one and were elongated when they logged into the Valorant client. This new Valorant bug has rendered the game unplayable for some people in the last two days. Most games encounter bugs and some of them are funny while some of them are downright frustrating. Valorant is no stranger to these bugs and time and again players have reported these to Riot Games and have gotten them fixed.

Likewise, these client and account-related bugs that were encountered in the last two days seem to have been fixed by Riot Games. On a Reddit thread, discussing this new Valorant bug, a user commented, “Yeah I was scared that my account was glitched or something yesterday. Luckily everything was back to normal after a while.

What problems were reported as part of the new Valorant bug?

There were multiple problems that were reported by Valorant players. They are as follows:

Only starter agents were available

Many players noticed that they had access to only the starter agents of Valorant. So they were only allowed to lock in Sage, Phoenix, Jett, Sova, or Brimstone. All the other agents that players had unlocked over the course of time were locked and greyed out in the agent select phase.

One Twitter user wrote, “The ONE DAY that I have no raid and no work, Valorant decides to bug out on me??? WHY ONLY DEFAULT AGENTS LUL.

Only default agents were available at the agent-select menu because of the new Valorant bug

Gun collection missing

When players log into their Valorant accounts, they can navigate to the “Collections” tab at the top of the screen and sort through their cosmetic collections for each gun in the game. The Collections tab lets players choose a skin of their choice for their weapons and also allows players to select gun buddies and player cards. However, with the new Valorant bug, players were shocked to see their collections tab literally empty. As people clicked on Collections, all the slots were reportedly empty and they were unable to see their skin collections.

Valorant account level and banner reset

With the new Valorant bug in the client, players’ account levels defaulted back to Level 1 and the player cards were also swapped to the default card. Additionally, the player cards were also elongated and deformed. Apart from this, the Career page also showed up empty and players were worried that they lost all progress.

The community also pointed out that this new Valorant bug with the client was only reported in South East Asian (SEA) and South Asian (SA) servers since all the North America (NA) and European (EU) streamers were playing their games without a glitch.

One Redditor wrote, “I think it's happening in SEA only as all NA or EU streamers' games are going well but SEA streamers getting this bug.” However, this bug seems to have been resolved by Riot Games now.

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