New Valorant Agent Iso: Release Date, All Abilities, How to Play, More

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>New Valorant Agent Iso: Release Date, All Abilities, How To Play, More</p></div>
New Valorant Agent Iso: Release Date, All Abilities, How To Play, More


Valorant has dropped the Agent trailer for the upcoming Duelist Agent called Iso.
Iso hails from China and seems to be an assassin who likes to operate alone.
Here is an introduction to Iso and information about all his abilities including how to play the character.

Iso is the latest Valorant Agent to be introduced to the game and players are excited to try him out. The character hails from the newest country to receive the game, China and seems to be a brutal assassin who is a lone wolf.

The 23rd Agent as revealed earlier this year is a Duelist and uses his cutting edge technology to gain an upper hand on the battlefield, but the overall efficiency mostly relies on the raw aim and mechanical skills of the player operating Iso.

The official trailer of the Agent was released on 19th October and community members without wasting any time were able to find out Iso's abilities, all of them explained below in detail along with the official release date of the Duelist.

New Valorant Duelist Agent Iso: Complete Details

Iso follows a purple color theme and holds advanced gadgets that are mostly reliant on the gun skills of an individual, which makes him a true duelist, while also being a double-edged sword that could run many games for a lot of players.

Iso is scheduled to release along with the Valorant Episode 7 Act 3 which is in turn slated to launch on 31st October in a few weeks’ time.

Double Tap | E

  • Base Charge: 1

  • Total Charges: 2

  • Cost: 150 Credits

When this ability is selected a focus timer begins, after which Iso enters a flow state during which all enemies downed and damaged by him will generate an energy orb.

Shooting this energy orb grants Iso a shield that absorbs one instance of damage from any source.

Undercut | Q

  • Base Charge: 0

  • Total Charges: 2

  • Cost: 200 Credits

Iso equips a molecular bolt. When it is fired, the bolt travels forward in a straight path, applying a brief fragile debuff to all players it touches.

This bolt can pass through solid objects, including walls, and other structures.

Contingency | C

  • Base Charge: 0

  • Total Charges: 2

  • Cost: 200 Credits

When equipped, Iso gathers lots of prismatic energy, and upon firing an indestructible wall of energy moves forward in a straight path while blocking all bullets fired from either side.

Kill Contract | X

  • Base Charge: 0

  • Total Charges: 2

  • Cost: 200 Credits

One of the most unique ultimate abilities in the game, Iso equips energy which upon firing slowly creeps through the map turning it into an interdimensional arena.

The first enemy player that comes in contact with it, gets dragged into a 1v1 arena where both players duel till one of them dies.

Iso seems to be a proper Duelist who possesses a great set of abilities that all directly depend on the gun mechanics of a player. In the hands of capable players, this character can be a nuisance to deal with, but at the same time, if someone less skilled selects him then it can be a tough going for the team.

He can be great at handling all-out fights, retaking sites, breaking into spaces, and take on several 1 versus X situations. It will be great to see how the community and professional players use Iso after the officially release in Valorant.

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