The new Summoner’s Cup will make its debut at Worlds 2022. 


New, Reimagined League of Legends Worlds Summoner’s Cup Unveiled

The new trophy will make its debut at Worlds 2022

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Riot Games and LoL Esports unveiled the newly redesigned and reimagined Summoner’s Cup ahead of Worlds 2022.
The new cup will make its physical debut at Worlds 2022 but players will be able to spot it on the Rift after the release of LoL Patch 12.18.

Riot Games and League of Legends Esports (LoL Esports) collaborated with Tiffany & Co to reimagine and redesign the coveted Summoner’s Cup, the trophy that’s lifted by the world’s best League of Legends team year after year. On 29th August, Riot Games and Tiffany & Co unveiled the trophy’s new look. Notably, the new Summoner’s Cup was designed to honor the past while celebrating the future of the esport. According to a release by LoL Esports, the modern design was brought to life over four months totaling 277 hours by Holloware workshop craftspersons.

Riot Games collaborated with Tiffany & Co to work on the new Summoner’s Cup

Riot Games introduces the new Summoner’s Cup

Riot Games said, “We are proud to reveal the new Summoner’s Cup – a bespoke creation between LoL Esports and Tiffany & Co.’s expert artisans from the legendary luxury jeweler’s Holloware workshop, which will be awarded to the team crowned the 2022 World Champion on November 5.” The new Summoner’s Cup is made of sterling silver, fine silver, stainless steel, brass, and wood, weighs 44 pounds, and stands approximately 27 inches, noted the company.

New Summoner’s Cup: What it boasts

As you look closely at the Summoner’s Cup, you will notice that the base of the Summoner’s Cup features engraved names of previous winning teams and pro players and Riot mentioned that this will be a new tradition that will await future champions. The new design is a much more modernized look for the Cup and revolves around the theme: Five United as One. The new Summoner’s Cup is also liner and sleek with silver and blue hues, making it a modern rendition of the old, rounded trophy.

Additionally, there are five pillars or pipes on the cup, on the edges, that boast the emblems of the five roles in League of Legends: Top, Jungle, Mid, Bottom, and Support. Notably, the old design only had two handles whereas, with the new pipe design that the Summoner’s Cup now has, players will likely find it easier to lift it all together at once.

The new Summoner's Cup will make its physical debut at Worlds 2022 but players can spot it on the Summoner’s Rift in-game after the release of LoL Patch 12.18 on 20th September. Players can spot the trophy in the top lane during gameplay.

The redesign for the Summoner’s Cup by Tiffany & Co was originally leaked on the League of Legends Public Beta Environment (PBE) ahead of Riot’s official announcement. PBE users found the ward skin of this trophy rendition and spread it on social media.

Tiffany & Co is the preeminent brand in handcrafting trophies representing the pinnacle of athletic achievement across a variety of professional sports such as football, basketball, and baseball since 1860, a press release. The LoL Esports’ Summoner’s Cup now sits alongside other iconic championship trophies—including the LoL Pro League (LPL) Silver Dragon Cup—also designed and handcrafted by Tiffany & Co.

Worlds 2022 is set to begin on 29th September with the Play-ins set to be held in Mexico City.

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