Riot Games detailed three new champions who will soon be joining the ever-expanding League of Legends roster.


New League of Legends Champions in the Works: Enchanter, Darkin & Shuriman Tank

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Riot Games detailed some of the new champions who will soon be joining the ever-expanding League of Legends roster.
They include a Shuriman tank top laner, an Ixtali enchanter support, and a Darkin Assassin.

Riot Games gave some much-needed updates about how the rest of the season and the 2023 preseason is going to pan out in its latest “LoL Pls” video. The video also included updates to the jungle, items, and introduced an array of new champions who will soon be joining the roster of champions in League of Legends (LoL). Additionally, players were also given updates on the revamped Gothic skin line, and a few other mid-scope updates that Riot has planned. Lead champion producer Ryan “Reav3” Mireles talked about three new champions and gave some hints and clues about their origin and teased some of the themes that we can expect to see in the game.

So far, in Season 12 in 2022, Riot Games has released the following champions:

  • Zeri - Attack damage carry (ADC)

  • Renata Glasc - Support

  • Bel’Veth - Jungler

  • Nilah - ADC

What champions will be joining League of Legends soon?

Reav3 revealed that players will soon be greeted by three new champions for different roles. They are as follows:

  • K’Sante, the Pride of Nazumah - Shuriman Tank Top-laner

  • Darkin Assassin

  • Ixtal Enchanter Support

K’Sante, the Pride of Nazumah

Reav3 confirmed that the next champion will be a tank top-laner from Shurima, who was briefly mentioned in the last LoL Champion Roadmap in April. Now, Riot revealed the name of the champion and their title: K’Sante, the Pride of Nazumah. League of Legends fans will finally uncover more details about Shurima and this oasis city-state on the southern outskirts of the desert.

According to Riot, unlike other Shuriman cities and states, Nezumah does not bow to emperor Azir and its people compete with giant monsters to stay hydrated and built their own society around the water source. “This new champion leads the warriors of Nazumah to hunt those same monsters using the rare resources they gain to build their infrastructure and weapons,” said Reav3.

K’Sante fought and slew one of the rarest monsters in the desert, creating his own “unique Ntofos” out of the regenerating hide of the monster. Notably, Ntofos are huge, blunt weapons that are used defensively. But K’Sante can shatter them and turn them into well-crafted blades when he requires them.

K'Sante defeating huge desert monsters

Additionally, Reav3 revealed that he is not sure if the champion team drew inspiration from Mali Prince Sundiata but confirmed that Nazumah and K’Sante are inspired by West African Culture.

Darkin Assassin

While teasing this new Darkin Assassin, Reav3 used a ton of phrases like “barking for some Darkin”, “throw me a fricking bone here”, “hounding”, and “believe you me” while talking about this new champion. Riot also confirmed that the weapon for this Darkin is a dagger but did not disclose “who, or what” would be wielding it. So players could expect to see the Darkin champion built in the form of a wolf or a dog that uses the dagger revealed in the video.

Darkin Dagger 

In League of Legends, the Darkin are God-Warriors who are traumatized by the horrors of the Void War. Currently, all known Darkins have been imprisoned in weapons, unable to ever regain their original Ascended forms. Reav3 revealed that this new Darkin champion is trapped inside a dagger.

Additionally, a Rioter revealed that this champion is a “female” Darkin.

Ixtali Enchanter Support

The League of Legends community has been wanting to see more about Ixtal and Reav3 revealed that Riot Games is planning on releasing a male enchanter support from the region. However, the champion is in “very early development.” He added, “The new champion will show a very different side to Ixtal, far from the lavish palaces Qiyana grew up in.” The video also showed an art teaser that the champions’ teams put together for the Ixtali support. The image showcased three cute and tiny orange creatures that could possibly be a part of the champion’s kit.

Ixtali male enchanter support

The order of the release of the new champions alongside the champion updates is K’Sante, Aurelion Sol, Ahri, Ixtali Enchanter, and the Darkin Assassin.

However, Riot Games has not confirmed the actual dates for any of these releases since the team likes to perfect champion kits and themes rather than release them half-heartedly. But the updates from the Champions’ Team at Riot Games has surely gotten all the players excited about the upcoming champions.

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