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Nadeshot Responds to Allegations About 100 Thieves’ Predatory Practices

Abhimannu Das
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Former 100T content creator and The Mob member Froste claimed that he had to forego meals to pay rent when he was under the organization.
100T owner Nadeshot responded claiming that Froste and his group did not meet expectations set by the organization.
Froste said that he will go live and offer further clarification on the issue later today.

Former 100 Thieves (100T) content creator and The Mob member Erind “Froste” Puka made some serious allegations about 100T, claiming that the organization is predatory and the members of his group had to forego meals to keep up with their living expenses. 100 Thieves owner Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag clarified the situation claiming that his organization did not play a role in where Froste and his group lived and revealed the financial details of the contracts between The Mob members and 100T.

Froste claimed that his group had to move into a home without furniture

Froste took to Twitter on 28th August claiming that the team moved into a home in Los Angeles in 2019 which was a content house with no furniture. He said, “Damn, I miss The Mob house. Imagine we had enough money to where we didn’t have to stress over where our next meal was coming from. Coulda done some big things but I guess we’ll never know.”

He mentioned that each member had to pay $2,500 USD in rent with the total rent coming to $10,000 USD. He said that it was in the 100 Thieves contract that The Mob members were required to stay near the 100T content house.

100T was allegedly paying $1,650 each after taxes which was not enough to cover expenses. With some Twitter users asking why The Mob didn’t approach 100 Thieves for more funding, Froste said that the members did ask for more funding and were refused. He said, “blame the 20-year-old kids that had no idea what they were doing instead of the $100 Million USD predatory organization.”

The Mob members are still active in the content creation scene but the members never re-formed the organization after disbanding.

Nadeshot’s responses to the allegations

Nadeshot revealed in a recent Twitch stream that the organization did not take more than 35% of any deal revenue and that one of the deals was worth $200,000. He also claimed that The Mob was not active on Twitch and did not fulfil contractual obligations.

He said that the content team, “would go to the content house where The Mob was living, they’d get there an hour before the shoot and the place was an absolute mess, and the production team had to clean it up.”

He added, “They would be there for hours and hours later than they should have been because there just wasn’t any accountability. Nobody was uploading, nobody was making videos.”

Froste responded to Nadeshot’s Twitch stream saying, “Yea I’m going live later tonight or tomorrow and airing everything out. Gonna find all the proof I have so he can’t lie his ass off again.” Froste is expected to go live on Twitch today and address the allegations by Nadeshot.

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