MSI 2022 Rumble Day 5


MSI 2022 Rumble Day 5 Recap: RNG, T1, G2, and EG Head To Knockouts

Saigon Buffalo and PSG Talon exit MSI 2022 with heads held high

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RNG, T1, G2 Esports, and Evil Geniuses have made it out of the Rumble Stage of the MSI 2022.
The last two days of the tournament were spicy with big teams dropping unexpected matches.
The Knockout Stage of MSI will begin on 27th May and conclude on 29th May with the grand finals.

The Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) 2022’s Rumble Stage surprised everyone in the last two days with unpredictable wins and big upsets. It was a reality check for most of the major region teams who were shown the true colors of best-of-ones and the importance of drafting in this tournament. G2 was finally able to pick up a win after five straight losses, thanks to the North American squad Evil Geniuses.

With the outcomes of today’s matches being pretty standard, the teams avoided crazy tiebreaker scenarios. The following are the teams that picked up a win on the final day of the MSI 2022 Rumble Stage:



Saigon Buffalo shows up big

Saigon Buffalo (SGB) was already eliminated on Day 4 and was playing to be the spoilsports for some of the bigger teams today and did just that against G2 Esports. With a team composition that required very early kills, the team was able to achieve pick-up advantages in the early game and takedown G2 Esports in 26 minutes. It seemed like G2 had not recovered from the losses it endured over the past two days and did not have answers to SGB’s comp or its proactiveness.

SGB’s match against T1 was very standard with T1 winning it confidently. While Saigon Buffalo played an all-in comp, T1 picked up five champions that deny these all-ins. T1 picked up kills across the Rift and SGB went toe-to-toe against the Korean squad in terms of kills. However, T1 picked up early dragons and a Rift Herald and constantly took down towers. SGB’s nexus fell down one last time at MSI 2022 in 23 minutes.

Evil Geniuses has G2’s back twice today

In a very crucial match against PSG Talon, Evil Geniuses (EG) proved it was not to be discounted at this international tournament. With a comp that had a couple of global ultimates in Nocturne and Gangplank, EG steamrolled the side of PSG Talon in a 29-minute victory. Unfortunately, PSG Talon’s back was towards the wall with this loss as it had to win against RNG and hope that G2 lost to EG later in the day.

Once again, EG came to the rescue of G2 in its second match of the day. After losing all the matches to G2 in the Group Stage and one in the Rumble Stage, EG was looking to finally win against the European squad. But unfortunately, the plan did not come to fruition. G2 won against EG yet again and took down the nexus in a back and forth match in which one major fight near the Baron Nashor pit sealed the deal.

PSG Talon eliminated from MSI 2022

It seemed like PSG Talon’s (PSG) hopes and dreams were crushed the minute the match started, courtesy of a late invade into PSG’s red jungle by RNG members, who killed Viego and stole away the buff. It was a domino effect from this point where PSG lost multiple kills across the map and was unable to enter their side of the map to set up vision. RNG comfortably stacked up dragons and other objectives and ended the game in under 27 minutes and knocked out PSG Talon from the tournament.

T1 gets its revenge on RNG

The last match of the Rumble Stage was between two titans in RNG and T1. The last time these two teams went head-to-head, RNG took home the win and T1 got its revenge this time around. It was Moon "Oner" Hyeon-joon’s game to carry on Lee Sin yet again as the T1 jungler found multiple avenues throughout the game to carry his team. It also seemed like T1’s bot lane had finally overcome some of its issues. At one point, it seemed like T1 was about to turn to Baron Nashor in a classic coinflip move, but the team’s carries managed to stay alive and avoid a big disaster. For the most part of the game, the scores and gold were neck and neck between the two teams. After taking down RNG’s top-laner in the side lane, T1 secured Baron, marched down to the opposing base, and ended the game confidently.

MSI 2022

MSI 2022

The next stage of the MSI 2022 will feature entertaining best-of-fives between these four teams starting from 27th May. Fans can watch the MSI games live on LoLEsports and on the Twitch and Youtube channels of Riot Games and catch up on the highlights through the LoL Esports VODs and Highlights channel.

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