MSI 2022 Rumble Stage Day 4


MSI 2022 Rumble Day 4 Recap: Undoing Of Top Teams, Classic Upsets, & More

G2 Esports is on a hot 4-game loss streak

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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T1 finally got its revenge on G2 Esports, but dropped a game to Evil Geniuses.
PSG Talon and Saigon Buffalo pulled off some unpredicted upsets today at MSI 2022.
G2 Esports is on a 4-game loss streak and SGB has been eliminated from MSI 2022 contention.

One could easily say that Day 4 of the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) 2022’s Rumble Stage was one of the most entertaining ones in Busan, Korea. Fans witnessed top teams collapsing under pressure and minor region teams coming up big with upsets. At the halfway point of the day, there was a three-way tie between T1, G2 Esports, and Evil Geniuses, with PSG Talon trailing behind by just one match.

The youngest roster at MSI 2022, Vietnam’s Saigon Buffalo was also eliminated from the tournament on Day 4, but the team did not walk out empty-handed. It managed to pick a crucial win against PSG Talon, playing spoilsport in the PCS representative’s hopes of advancing to the knockouts phase.

The following are the results of Day 4 of the Rumble Stage:

PSG Talon goes 1-1 on Day 4 of Rumble

On Day 4 of the MSI 2022 Rumble Stage, PSG Talon and G2 Esports went head-to-head for the second time in this stage. Impeccable team fighting propelled the PCS representative to upset the European squad once again. It found victories in Kennen and Syndra picks against G2’s Poppy, Kalista, and Corki. In this match, G2’s carries were silenced very early on and they were impactless as the game progressed. At 32 minutes, PSG Talon secured the Baron Nashor, killed four members of G2 Esports, and finished the game in under 34 minutes.

After defeating G2 twice, everybody expected PSG Talon to win comfortably against Saigon Buffalo (SGB). But to everyone’s surprise, the Saigon Buffalo roster ran amok over the PCS squad. Early kills went over to SGB but PSG picked up neutral objectives in the first dragon and the Rift Herald. SGB’s Ahri and Kai’Sa were on a roll as PSG found it extremely difficult to shut the carries down. After picking up Baron Nashor, and vital kills across the board, Saigon Buffalo upset PSG Talon with a 28.30 minutes victory.

T1 drops a game to EG but defeats G2

T1’s biggest problem at this tournament has been its drafting and its calls to turn to Baron Nashor at not-so-ideal times. This match against Evil Geniuses was a classic example of the same. T1’s draft was very poorly conceived with the Koreans picking a comp that did not play cohesively: Zoe, Kalista, Lee Sin, alongside Gwen and Taric. Whereas, EG’s draft was somewhat playing to its strengths with the team locking in its classic Jinx marksman. Up until the mid-game, T1 was very ahead in terms of kill, gold, and map structures, but decided to turn towards Baron Nashor twice against EG which had Nocturne and Galio. The match switched gears after this and EG closed it out in just under 32 minutes.

Meanwhile, in its second match of the day, T1 got its much-awaited revenge against G2 Esports by completely shutting down the European squad. It seemed like T1 had learned from its Baron calls. In this particular match, it baited G2 into thinking that T1 was doing Baron, while its members picked off G2 from the fog of war.

RNG closes out another day with two wins

For a hot minute, it looked like the defending MSI champion, RNG, was going to drop its second match of the tournament to Vietnamese squad Saigon Buffalo. For the most part of the match, SGB had RNG’s numbers and found multiple avenues to shut down RNG’s carries. Unfortunately, SGB’s macro plan was not the best since the Chinese juggernauts collected neutrals and objectives despite dying all over the map. One big mistake by SGB was that multiple members were caught off near the blue buff side of RNG and were rightfully punished for it. After losing a massive team fight near the mid lane and with death timers being very long in the late game, it meant that RNG ran away with the match, after capitalizing on just a few macro mistakes from the Vietnamese squad.

In the last match of the day, EG was looking to continue its win streak. However, it would not come to fruition as RNG ended the match in 24 minutes. RNG showed up big in this matchup right from the get-go, stacking kills, objectives, and gold. The North American representative was silenced and suffocated by RNG’s Gangplank and Kai’Sa, two carrys that were unstoppable and unmatched on the Summoner’s Rift. Chen "GALA" Wei proved that he is arguably the best attack-damage carry (ADC) at MSI 2022 once again through this game. RNG marched into EG’s base with a 12K gold lead and ended the match and closed out the day with a 2-0 score.

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