Multiple Gaming Creators Collaborate With Akshay Kumar


MortaL, Scout, Alpha Clasher Collaborate With Akshay Kumar for New Mobile Game

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Multiple gaming creators posted photos with Akshay Kumar last month having worked on some project.
It turns out, they had collaborated with the veteran actor to promote a new mobile game called Ram Setu: The Run.
This was revealed via the videos uploaded by MortaL, Scout, and Alpha Clasher on their respective YouTube channels.

A few popular gaming creators from India had met with Bollywood star Akshay Kumar late last month. At that point in time, information about what content they had worked on was limited, but earlier today some streamers uploaded videos with the veteran actor on their respective YouTube channels, shining light on a collaboration related to a new mobile game called 'Ram Setu: The Run'.

Naman "MortaL" Mathur, Tanmay "Scout" Singh, and Pratik "Alpha Clasher" Jogiya are three creators that have uploaded videos with Akshay Kumar on their respective YouTube channels, but they do not outright come forward as promotional videos unless you reach the last segment, which is nothing but a shoutout to the mobile game.

Multiple popular creators collaborate with Akshay Kumar for a new mobile game

It seems Akshay Kumar starrer Ram Setu has been turned into a game called Ram Setu: The Run, maybe for promotional purposes after the movie failed to recoup its INR 150 crore budget.

The mobile game produced by Dot9 Games, one of India's leading gaming studios, has been released for both Android and iOS. It currently has a rating of 3.9 on the Google Play Store with more than five lakh downloads at the time of writing this article.

All the in-game playable characters are inspired from the cast of the movie Ram Setu, offering both single and multiplayer action similar to Temple Run but with its own unique additions.

Ram Setu The Run - Mobile Game featuring Akshay Kumar

Out of all the creators who had met with the actor a few weeks ago, some have posted short videos of their interaction with Akshay Kumar. A few common things across these videos are as follows,

  • The creator's met with Akshay Kumar which was followed by the two playing a couple of games of Ram Setu: The Run on a tablet, while also interacting on different topics.

  • All videos concluded with a short ad segment highlighting the game and all of its features, coming across as promotional content instead of something organic.

To watch the video of any creator click on the respective link - MortaL, Scout, Alpha Clasher.

This is not the first time that Akshay Kumar has been involved in a project related to gaming or esports. More than two years ago, the veteran actor had announced and launched a multiplayer action game called FAU-G (Fearless and United Guards), but sadly the game failed to take off.

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