MortaL Talks About Gaming With Akshay Kumar


MortaL Shares His Experience After Gaming With Akshay Kumar

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Recently, popular Indian gaming content creator MortaL met popular Indian-Canadian Bollywood star Akshay Kumar.
During this meet, both the popular personalities played Ram Setu: The Run based on Kumar's recently released movie Ram Setu.
While playing the game, MortaL and Kumar talked about gaming.

On 23rd November, a few popular Indian gaming personalities, including Naman ”MortaL” Mathur, Tanmay ”Sc0utOP” Singh, and Aaditya ”Dynamo” Sawant, posted pictures with the popular Indian-Canadian Bollywood star Akshay Kumar. As the posts did not mention the reason for their meeting, fans started speculating on various hypotheses. However, on 28th November, Kumar posted a video on his Instagram with these creators, playing a new game named Ram Setu: The Run based on his recently released movie Ram Setu. MortaL recently uploaded a video sharing his experience meeting the popular Bollywood star. During this meeting, the two popular personalities also talked about gaming.

MortaL plays Ram Setu: The Run with Akshay Kumar

While playing Ram Setu: The Run with Kumar, MortaL asked Kumar how and when he came to know about gaming. Responding to this, Kumar replied, ”I have always been attracted to outdoor games, but I came to know about digital games through my son. More and more, because he used to play, and now my daughter plays as well.”

After completing two games, MortaL shared his views on how the game could be better. He told Kumar that the game could use a different game mode where players can compete for high scores instead of just competing against each other in a 1 versus 1 mode. Responding to this, Kumar said, ”So much to learn, to understand what they (gamers) think.” Following this, Kumar echoed similar sentiments as MortaL, and said, ”As now you said that a lot of things can be added to this game, we can add this and that; difficulty level can be increased; the game can be unlimited.” He added, ”According to me, there should be more characters. Obviously, it is just the beginning, this game has just started.”

”There will be a lot more points of view of the game in the future, like going to different places in the game, a mode where players can play on the ice, and much more,” said Kumar.

The Indian gaming industry is growing at an enormous pace. It has been attracting many popular faces from different industries. This is not the first time that popular Bollywood personalities have shown interest in the gaming industry. Previously, Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan revealed in a tweet that he was learning Fortnite from his youngest son. Furthermore, another popular Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan also appeared in Free Fire as a playable character.

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