MortaL Explains Why He Will Not Focus Much On Playing GTA V RP


MortaL Explains Why He Will Not Focus Much on Playing GTA V RP

A big loss for SOULCITY or will it continue to thrive?

Aditya Singh Rawat
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MortaL talks about his experience playing GTA V RP and explains why he is not excited on playing it much more.
MortaL provided his reasons for not grinding GTA V RP anymore while stating that he will be playing other games on his stream.
In the end, MortaL said that he might play GTA V RP sometimes but he will not be grinding it or work towards creating a dedicated story.

One of the biggest gaming streamers and content creators from India, Naman “MortaL” Mathur, has revealed why he does not want to put a lot of energy behind role-playing in GTA V (Grand Theft Auto V) on the SOULCITY server.

During a recent livestream, MortaL opened up to his audience about how he actually felt about playing GTA V RP (Role Playing). Despite the game trending within the Indian gaming community for quite some time, he decided to stay authentic to his viewers and said, "Guys I am being totally honest. I don't feel like playing role-play, okay. I know you guys like it but I absolutely do not feel like playing it."

He went on to explain his mindset to his viewers, while also revealing a few reasons behind it, and spoke about an alternative.

MortaL gives his final verdict on how he truly feels playing GTV V RP on the SOULCITY server

Staying true to his followers as always, MortaL spoke from his heart while revealing to his viewers that he does not enjoy playing GTA V RP and hence will not be playing the game often on his livestream.

"I will play the game when I feel like it but I don't want to grind it. I don't want the trouble of living this life over here and that one over there. I don't feel like getting out of my character, building my story, thinking about it, I won't be able to do," revealed MortaL, adding that his time was being spent working on other things about which no information was provided.

When asked by one of his viewers why he started the game, MortaL simply said that he wanted to try it out. He further said that even upon proceeding, it would mostly be him grinding GTV V RP instead of building his story which would eventually not go down well with his audience.

"Don't expect much but I will definitely play GTA V RP randomly for timepass. However, I will not be spending day and night behind it. I tried it and enjoyed it for some time. Now, I will play other games and try to build an audience who comes and chills with me at night," concluded MortaL.

Note: The related segment starts from 03:38 onwards.

Moving forward it will be interesting to see what games MortaL tries out during his livestreams and what all he is working on at the moment. Apart from the streamer, SOULCITY server seems to be doing well but with a big creator like MortaL backing out, will it be a significant blow for it?

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