Made in Thailand (MiTH) players wannafly and AloNeFillz reportedly used "character model boosting" versus Team Secret in VCT APAC LCQ


MiTH Players Use "Character Model Boosting" in APAC LCQ, Triggers Debates of Its Legality

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Made in Thailand (MiTH) won its lower bracket series against Alter Ego on 4th August with a 2-1 score.
On Map 3 Bind, two players of MiTH reportedly used a character model boost to help Raze reach the top of the truck in A site without using abilities.
Fans are now questioning whether this strategy is allowed by Riot Games since boosting is not allowed according to the rules in most regions.

The teams from the Asia Pacific (APAC) region are battling it out for a spot at Valorant Champions in the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) APAC Last Chance Qualifiers (LCQ). The matches have been extremely entertaining and have showcased the true potential of the region. On 4th July, Made in Thailand (MiTH) faced Alter Ego (AE) in the second round of the lower bracket. Alter Ego won the first match of the best-of-three series, but MiTH won games two and three, keeping its hopes alive in the LCQ tournament. However, fans are now bringing up an instance on map 3 Bind where two Made in Thailand players reportedly used a “character model boosting” strategy to get to an elevated position in the VCT APAC LCQ. This play has triggered the debate of whether player boosting is allowed in pro play, according to the official rules of Riot Games and Valorant esports.

What’s the clip in question?

In the third and final map of the best-of-three series between Made in Thailand and Alter Ego in the VCT APAC LCQ, Made in Thailand was defending in the first half. Its players Jirayu "wannafly" Meesuk was on Viper and Palapoom "AloNeFillz" Thaikum was playing Raze. At the start of the sixth round, both the players were stationed in A-site on Bind, which features a huge truck, and players tend to plant the spike in front of it by default. As the countdown began, viewers and the casters noticed that wannafly helped AloNeFillz to get on top of the truck, without the Raze having to use her satchel charges. Noticing this, the caster said, “That cheeky little boost up onto the top of the truck as well.

The official VCT Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) rule book clearly states that player boosting is prohibited. It read, “Agent Character Model Boosting: Players are prohibited from using another agent's character model to boost to a location out of intended jumping range.

Valorant reporter BoDork further explained that character model boosting is not allowed in any region. He wrote, “Any type of character model boosting is not allowed. Although each region has its own rules this one [boosting not being allowed] counts for both EMEA and NA. Plus most APAC players I talked to said it also wasn't allowed there.

Bleed eSports’ Valorant analyst pointed out that there was an admin physically present during the match and that if the round was not replayed then and there, it is probably allowed.

Despite fans talking about the legality of the play, Riot Games has not acknowledged it yet. Since the series was played out without being paused or remade, it could probably mean that the character model boosting was allowed. Either way, it would be helpful if Riot Games makes clear distinctions when it comes to rules like these so that people watching the esport have a fair idea of what’s allowed and what’s not.

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