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Minecraft Player Recreates ‘Legend of Zelda’ Without Using Mods

Abhimannu Das
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A playable version of Legend of Zelda within Minecraft will be available for download soon.
C1OUS3R will release his project once the video on the Legend of Zelda remake reaches 5,000 likes on YouTube.
The game is playable only up until the first boss and will be available for free.

A Minecraft player has recreated the original ‘Legend of Zelda’ within Minecraft without using mods. YouTuber C1OUS3R who previously recreated Super Mario Bros and Sonic the Hedgehog is now back again with his Legend of Zelda project. The game is fully playable but it is not available to the public just yet. C1OUS3R will release his project to the public very shortly and anyone will be able to download the game.

How C1OUS3R made Legend of Zelda within Minecraft

C1OUS3R, who is also a developer, revealed that he used command blocks, custom textures, and other in-game features to remake 1986’s ‘The Legend of Zelda’ which was released on the Nintendo Entertainment System Classic. 

C1OUS3R used Blockbench to create a flat version of Link. It is a technical achievement as Minecraft is a 3D game and the developer was able to implement flat textures perfectly. He said that he wanted to make a Voxel model which he did for his take on Super Mario Bros and Sonic the Hedgehog but it apparently takes 30 times longer which is why he did not want to commit too much time into the project. 

A video detailing how the project was created is available on C1OUS3R’s YouTube channel and as soon as the video hits 5,000 likes, he will release a downloadable version of the game for Minecraft players. The developer also wants to release the entire gaming engine which he used to create the games within Minecraft.

He revealed that creating games within Minecraft is very simple and is easier to use than something like the Unity Engine. The legality of the fan creation has been brought to question as Nintendo is one of the biggest “party poopers” in the gaming industry. The project is very likely to be taken down by Nintendo if it gets too much attention and only time will tell if the project is kept safe.

If you want to try out The Legend of Zelda within Minecraft, all you need to do is wait for C1OUS3R to reach 5,000 likes on his video and he will be posting the game for others to experience.

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