Minecraft Is Being Used to Teach Kids About Internet Safety

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Xbox - Internet Safety Day


Xbox is making use of Minecraft to teach kids about internet safety and cultural inclusion.
Privacy Prodigy is a single-player experience built within Minecraft that anyone can play for free.
The game is designed to educate kids on the importance of online safety.

Xbox is making use of Minecraft to teach kids about internet safety and cultural inclusion as part of Global Safer Internet Day. The internet is more accessible than ever before and it should be the responsibility of parents and guardians to educate kids about the importance of internet safety. Microsoft is launching a new immersive game-based learning experience called Privacy Prodigy, which is a continuation of the CyberSafe series from Minecraft Education, and it includes last year’s Home Sweet Hmm.

Privacy Prodigy seeks to protect children from the dark side of the internet

This single-player experience introduces young people to the concept of areas of trust. They’ll develop the ability to identify the different types of information they need to manage and what they can share. Players will also learn strategies for protecting their personal data and ways to mitigate any issues that arise from compromised information.

Privacy Prodigy is available in the Minecraft Education lesson library. Anyone who plays the Bedrock version of Minecraft at home can access Privacy Prodigy for free in the Minecraft Marketplace.

Microsoft’s Tips for Safe Internet Access for Children

Here are Microsoft’s tips for safer internet access that you should follow as a parent or guardian: 

  1. Check in and play with your child on a regular basis

  2. Create a family group and child accounts for your family

  3. Customize your settings using the Xbox Family Settings app for Minecraft

  4. Visit xbox.com/family for more information about families and community standards

Microsoft is encouraging parents to maintain an open dialogue with kids about safe online gaming, and join in. Playing together is a great way to have an interactive conversation, while better understanding the types of games they’re playing, who they’re playing with, and what online scenarios you should be discussing.

To help keep gaming conversations safe and fun, Xbox scans over 18 billion interactions per year with Community Sift, a moderation platform that has a team of language and culture specialists who understand more than 20 formal and informal languages, in addition to cultural and regional idioms. The Community Sift works on not just Minecraft but also other Microsoft games.

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