Best Minecraft 1.19 Servers in 2023

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Best Minecraft 1.19 Servers


Minecraft servers allow you to have fresh new experiences and access interesting game modes.
Some servers also offer mini-games and exclusive game modes that you will not find in the retail version of the game.
You can also start your own server and manage a community of Minecraft.

One of the best features of Minecraft is the ability to create your own servers and shape how the game is played on your own terms. The freedom offered by the game is what makes Minecraft so popular and there are entire sub-communities of people who run and manage their own servers with curated experiences for anyone to join. Here is a quick look at five of the best Minecraft 1.19 Servers in 2023.


Hypixel is possibly the most recognizable Minecraft server featuring survival and creative game modes as well as mini-games, hunger games, and Skyblock. Whether you are keen on competitive Minecraft or a casual experience, Hypixel has everything you need under one roof. There are tons of game modes to choose from and the user interface is one of the biggest selling points of the server.

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Complex Gaming 

Complex Gaming is one of the largest player-run servers and it experiences massive player counts with thousands of concurrent players hopping on every single day. If you love Pokemon, Complex Gaming allows you to catch, train, fight, or trade “Pixelmon” on the server. There is also a faction system that allows you to join groups and play together.

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If you like the vanilla Minecraft experience but with some of the newer quality-of-life features thrown in, WilderCraft is one of the best servers to join. The server is dedicated to survival gameplay and there is a lot of focus on co-op and working together with other players. You will always find people who are willing to tag along and help you out in the survival mode if you are part of the server. 

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The Seed 

If you are a purist and want to experience the “good old days” of Minecraft, The Seed is a project that keeps the vanilla Minecraft experience alive. The only changes you will notice on the server compared to the oldest versions of the game is that there is the ability to protect yourself from griefers and the ability to warp to other locations. However, the warping feature is not free so it’s something you need to keep in mind.

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While TheArchon does feature Skyblock, Factions, and other popular realms, it is one of the best servers to join if you want to experience PvP (Player versus Player) in Minecraft. You can join the server and be ready to take on any challenge within a matter of seconds. It is very easy to configure and set up and is strongly recommended for players who are looking for some multiplayer action.

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