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Midbeast Makes a Bet About Tyler1 Reaching Challenger in Korea

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Midbeast makes a bet about Tyler1 reaching Challenger on stream when TF Blade was in his room.
Tyler1 has not yet responded to Midbeast’s spicy bet.
Many League of Legends streamers and players are currently bootcamping in Korea, hoping to reach Challenger on the super-competitive server.

In the last two months, a wave of League of Legends streamers including Ashkan “TF Blade” Homayouni, Simon “Thebausffs” Hofverberg, and Drew “Midbeast” Timbs moved to South Korea to play on the Korean Solo Queue and climb the ranked ladder. Now, Tyler “tyler1” Steinkamp is the latest streamer to embark on this journey to Korea to take on the Solo Queue challenge.

Tyler1 announced on stream that he would be doing an auto-fill to Challenger run in Korea alongside streamer Julian “Tarzaned” Farokhian. He has already reached Korea along with his girlfriend and streamer Macaiyla, according to her tweets.

What is the bet that Midbeast made?

Midbeast stated that if he does not get Challenger in Korea but if tyler1 does he would shave his head.

He said, “Imagine Tyler gets Challenger. Chat if Tyler gets Challenger and I don’t, I will shave my head. Let’s say I stay Grandmaster and he does not get Challenger, I don’t have to shave my head. But let’s say Tyler gets Challenger and I get Challenger, I don’t have to shave my head. But if he gets Challenger, I don’t, I shave my head. Deal!

Visibly confused by this, TF Blade commented on the way Midbeast phrased the entire bet. “But the way you explained it to them is an insult to them. You’re basically telling your chat, ‘You stupid, f**** idiot, you don’t understand if he gets Challenger and I don’t. So, I’m gonna explain it’” said TF Blade.

Currently, according to OP.GG, Midbeast’s Korea account – LookingforWife95 – is ranked Grandmaster with 353 LP. His win rate was 55% at the time of writing.

Tyler1’s Korean Challenger run

A little over two months after tyler1 hit Challenger while playing the role of support in the North American (NA) Solo Queue, he revealed that he shall be flying to South Korea for his next challenge where he will autofill his way to Challenger on the super-competitive Korean server. In NA, tyler1 has already reached Challenger on all five roles and was lauded by the community and Riot Games for achieving this feat.

Following this, Riot Games sent him a set of five custom light-up medals bearing the Challenger crest for his achievement of hitting the Challenger tier in all five roles in League of Legends. Each ribbon displayed the role it represents and the month in which tyler1 made it to Challenger whilst playing that role. It was two years ago when tyler1 set out to reach Challenger by creating new accounts for every role to grind in ranked Solo Queue.

Now, with the North American Solo Queue already conquered, tyler1 hopes to grind in Korea and do the impossible. However, the former head coach of Cloud9’s League of Legends team Nick “LS” De Cesare, who has lived in Korea for ten years now, opined that the streamer might not be able to achieve what he has set out to do.

He stated, “Tyler climbed by being smarter than NA players, while also having advantageous ping. On Korea, the problem is Silver and Gold players will have better mechanics than Tyler’s used to playing in his average games.

Tyler1 has not responded to Midbeast yet and he has not streamed from Korea yet.

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