M80 disbands its Overwatch roster within 24 hours of the announcement


M80 Disbands Overwatch Roster Within 24 Hours After Pro Drops the 'N-Word'

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Three Overwatch 2 players were exposed by an anonymous account for allegedly sending racist DMs on Discord.
One of these pros, s9mm, was recently announced as part of M80's Overwatch roster and was immediately let go following the allegations.
After this, M80 stated that it let go of the entire team due to unexpected challenges.

Within just 24 hours of announcing its new Overwatch competitive roster, M80 announced that it was parting ways with the whole team amidst a controversy surrounding one of its players. While initially M80 only parted ways with Samuel “s9mm” Santos as a result of the player and other former Overwatch League allegedly using racial slurs in a group chat on Discord, it then noted that there was "unexpected challenges" within the team, leading to total disbandment.

M80 Disbands Overwatch League Roster Within a Day

On 1st March, M80 parted ways with its entire Overwatch roster according to a tweet posted on its Twitter. The statement said that it faced unexpected challenges as two key members of its new formed Overwatch team departed/released. It said, "We aimed to build a cohesive unit, but circumstances led us to reassess our path. Rather than replacing the team with players committed elsewhere, we've decided it's best for all parties to part ways."

M80 added that it released its remaining players to help them pursue new opportunities and compete in the OWCS and wished them success.

One comment under the tweet read, "you guys for sure could've replaced s9mm and coluge without much difficulty. there was no need to throw innocent people out through no fault of their own."

Likewise, another user said, "In just about 24 hours this esport is crazy sometimes."

What Are the Allegations Against s9mm & Other Pros?

Overwatch 2 players s9mm, Christian “Ojee” Han, and Michael “mikeyy” Konicki were exposed publicly by an anonymous user called @viewerOW or Viewer on Twitter for allegedly sending racist DMs on Discord.

The Twitter user claimed that a "burner account" sent them the alleged images of the pros using the n-word multiple times. Viewer also claimed that the images were taken by French Overwatch World Cup players, as Ojee was allegedly still logged into Discord on one of their PCs.

In an attempt to verify these allegations, Viewer reportedly spoke to a French Overwatch World Cup player and also spoke to s9mm. Viewer said, "s9mm was 100% truthful and honest about what he had done. he stated that he said it while quoting someone else he had met earlier in the day, and that he was deeply regretful that he said such a thing."

Meanwhile, Viewer also explained why the deleted an original tweet where they claimed that they were “asked to join a call with an employee of M80 and s9mm.

They explained, "i deleted my tweet about the m80 employee. i was threatened by an individual who claimed to be a part of m80 and claimed he had been in the industry for years. the ceo of m80 directly dmed me about this, and I don't know what's true or what's not on that subject anymore."

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