League of Legends players are attempting to set record times for killing the first dragon that spawns.


LoL Players Are Attempting to Set New World Record for Killing First Dragon

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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League of Legends players are attempting to set record times for killing the first dragon that spawns.
The record currently stands under half a second.

When you think of speedruns, you don’t necessarily think of doing one in online multiplayer games like League of Legends. Simply put, speedrunning is playing video games as fast as possible – it could be the whole game or just parts of it. Reimagining this concept, League of Legends players have been attempting to set a new record for the fastest first dragon kill in the game. The latest World record currently stands at 0.478 seconds. Here’s all you need to know about how these dragon speedruns are attempted in actual pubs.

Killing the first dragon in record time in League of Legends

This new trend of killing the first dragon in the fastest possible time has led to players cooking up novel and different ways of achieving the feat. They have been experimenting with different team compositions and champions to kill the dragon in the shortest possible time as it spawns. Initially, on 18th March, Reddit user ByShoTx posted a video where their team comprising Heimerdinger, Jhin, Zyra, Udyr and Nunu killed the first dragon in 1.554 seconds as it spawned. The user acknowledged that they did not use their team composition to perfection and said that the record is not perfect.

Following this, the same team attempted the record again but made minor tweaks to the team composition. They picked up Sion, Nunu, Udyr, Jhin, and Syndra. This time around, the Jhin laid out his traps in the dragon pit and Syndra threw the Scuttle onto the traps using her W to trigger the traps with perfect timing as the dragon landed on the spot, killing the dragon in 0.485 seconds.

User ByShoTx wrote on Reddit, “Not even 24hs later, new world's fastest drake S13 (0.485s). Previous time was 1.554s.” But, another group of players has beaten the time of 0.485 seconds already with their incredible effort. 

League of Legends player Hextech Lab and his friends Nextstage1, Fixi, Toasted Tea Bag, Masta, and Kaito have set a new record time of 0.478 seconds. In a video titled How we Got the World Record for the Fastest Drake in a Ranked Game!, Hextech Lab explained how they set this speedrun time. It reportedly took 16 attempts and many hours to perfect their world record of killing the dragon as it spawned at the 5-minute mark in the game. The video also addressed the difficulty of this attempt as they have to defend the Scuttle crab from enemies and perfect their timing while playing normal matches against five other players.

The world record for killing the first dragon in League of Legends or the dragon speedrun in the game currently stands at 5 min 00.478 seconds and this was set on 20th March 2023. You can keep close tabs on this new trend by checking out the world record page on League of Graphs (First dragon kill time).

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