Riot Games confirmed that LoL Patch 13.3 will be releasing a day later than the original schedule. 


LoL Patch 13.3 Gets Delayed By a Day

More jungle changes, tank support buffs, early game surrender explained!

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Riot Games confirmed that LoL Patch 13.3 will be releasing a day later than the original schedule. 
LoL Patch 13.3 is finally introducing the Ahri ASU, Aurelion Sol’s CGU, and a plethora of other changes

League of Legends had a rough start to Season 13 with Riot Games encountering a social engineering attack that stole source codes for League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, and Riot Games’ anti-cheat system. Following this attack, the games suffered delays in the release of patches but the company has been hard at work to bring the schedule back on track. However, Riot Games confirmed that LoL Patch 13.3, the successor to the LoL Patch 13.1b micropatch, will be releasing a day later than the original schedule

Riot Games in the LoL Patch 13.3 notes said, “Patch 13.3 will go live a day later than usual. That will be the morning of Thursday the 9th for all Riot regions, and the morning of Friday the 10th for SEA [Southeast Asia].

As a result, most regions will face downtime, followed by the roll-out of the patch on 9th February (Thursday) instead of the usual Wednesday release. 

With that being said, LoL Patch 13.3 is finally introducing the Ahri Art & Sustainability Update (ASU), Aurelion Sol’s Comprehensive Gameplay Update (CGU), and the buffs to melee, tank supports in League of Legends. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, players will be treated to three new Valentine-themed skins including Heartache Amumu, Heartache Vi, and Heartthrob Caitlyn.

Here’s everything you need to know about the patch.

LoL Patch 13.3: Buffs and Nerfs

The buffs in this patch are:

  • Alistar

  • Braum

  • Jarvan IV

  • Kayle

  • Kayn

  • LeBlanc

  • Nautilus

  • Pyke

  • Rakan

  • Thresh

  • Trundle

  • Overheal (Rune)

Meanwhile, the nerfs are targetted at:

  • Annie

  • Amumu

  • Kassadin

  • K’Sante

  • Zac

  • Umbral Glaive (item)

  • Radiant Virtue (item)

Jungle Adjustments in LoL Patch 13.3

Riot Games’ main goal is to bring down early ganking and diving power and shift some power from gold income to experience earned for junglers, in an attempt to reduce early game volatility.


Currently, treat income rewards those who gank more than champions that prefer to farm. Riot is balancing this scale. 

Gold per Treat: 30 ⇒ 20

Experience per jungle camp with a companion: Experience for clearing a jungle camp has been increased by 5 experience per camp


Riot Games thinks that extra vision in the early game will help avert early ganks. 

Stealth Ward Trinket Cooldown: 240-120 (based on average champion level) ⇒ 210-120 (based on average champion level)


With the same intentions of reducing early ganking and diving powers, the company is upping early tower damage so that the benefits of early dives also come with an appropriate level of risk. As a reminder, turret shots ramp up in damage by 40% per shot against the same target. 

Turret Damage: 162-344 (0-14 minutes) ⇒ 182-350 (0-14 minutes)

Starting this patch, jungle companions will no longer deal lethal damage to epic monsters, so that smite fights and fog of war steals are straightforward.

Early surrender votes 

Riot Games said, “Our data shows that comeback rates when a team fails a 4 of 5 early surrender (before 20 min) are low. Teams have a generally good sense of what games they will and won't win when 4 of 5 players are on the same page. We’ll be testing a change to surrender thresholds that let these matches resolve more quickly.” It added that it shall be closely monitoring player feedback and the impacts of this change.

Now, in Blind Pick and Normal Draft, normal surrender (4 out of 5 OR 70% of team members must agree to pass the vote) is available at 15 minutes, instead of 20 minutes, and the unanimous early surrender requirement has been removed.

You can read the full patch notes for LoL Patch 13.3 on the official Riot Games website.

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