League of Legends developers have a plethora of system and champion changes lined up for LoL Patch 13.12


LoL Patch 13.12 Preview: Gragas, Zeri on the Chopping Block, Gangplank Buffed

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Riot Games previewed LoL Patch 13.12 and it is a long one featuring changes for many items and champions.
Buffs are directed at languishing champions, whereas nerfs are for pro play staples and solo queue overperformers.

Riot Games previewed the upcoming patch of LoL Patch 13.12 on Twitter which revealed that players are in for another relatively long update list after the mid-season one. A total of 19 champions are on the balance changes list with a couple of them getting adjustments. LoL Patch 13.12 will finally see Gragas in the top lane getting nerfed along with other enchanter supports like Lulu, Milio, and Yuumi. The nerf list also features Zeri and at this point, seeing the champion getting her powers curtailed is not new. Meanwhile, a handful of top and mid laners will be receiving buffs.

Apart from champions, a whole array of items are also getting system adjusted in the upcoming patch. 

Here’s all you need to know about LoL Patch 13.12.

Champions Buffs and Nerfs in LoL Patch 13.12

Lead Designer: League Balance Team & Preseason Matt Leung-Harrison aka Riot Phroxzon took to Twitter to explain the upcoming patch. He wrote on Twitter, “A big patch now that things have had time to settle. Buffs are focused [on] champs that have itemization earflicks (eg. Kaisa evolves), champs that have been languishing (Sivir, Ryze, Nasus, etc.) Nerfs to pro [play] staples and soloq overperformers. Ivern looks strong, but no nerfs.

He added that the item changes are mostly for over or under-performing items from the attack-damage carry (ADC) and support item changes. Riot Games also stated that it will be monitoring Trinity Force up close. Harrison said further, “Lucian changes are to have him perform better with more supports (other than just Nami) and Rumble changes are to have him perform better in extended engagements.

The following are the champions who are getting buffed in this patch: 

  • Ashe (Support and ADC)

  • Gangplank

  • Kai'sa (Evolution Breakpoints)

  • Nasus

  • Oriana

  • Ryze

  • Sivir

  • Viktor

The following are the champion nerfs in LoL Patch 13.12: 

  • Gragas (Top)

  • Kha'Zix

  • Kog'Maw

  • K'Sante

  • Lulu

  • Milio

  • Rell (Jungle and Support)

  • Yuumi

  • Zeri

As the Riot Games developer explained, Lucian and Rumble will be getting adjusted to fit the meta.

Items in LoL Patch 13.12: System Buffs, Nerfs & Adjustments

System buffs

  • Immortal Shieldbow

  • Midlane Gold

  • Moonstone Renewer

  • Phantom Dancer

  • Statikk Shiv

System Nerfs

  • Ardent Censer

  • Bloodthirster

  • Galeforce

  • Imperial Mandate Overheal

  • Rapid Firecannon

  • Red Buff

System Adjustments

  • Duskblade with Ultimate (Katarina, Samira) Bug fix

Notably, according to Riot Games’ official patch schedule, LoL Patch 13.12 is expected to go live on 15th June. The patch will first be rolled out for the Oceanic servers, followed by the others one after the other during the course of the day.

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